October 23, 2021

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Kinga Player: Who is he?  Age, career and private life of a famous person

Kinga Player: Who is he? Age, career and private life of a famous person

Kenja Zaudnik is known for her great sense of humor and the distance she gave on Diet Mother of a Miracle. The woman suffered from obesity, and her goal was to lose extra kilograms. What does Kinga Zawodnik look like today? Where else can we see her and how is her career developing?

Kinga Zawodnik is a 27-year-old woman, and Cora has won the hearts of many as the host of “Diet or Miracle”. She’s also called a “brave diet tester” because she’s proven time and time again in TVN productions that she can put in a lot of effort and sacrifice in order to lose weight. How is her life now?

Kinga Zawodnik – Private life

From early childhood, Kenja Zaudnik was distinguished by ambition and diligence. She studied well in school, which led to her being awarded a scholarship for high academic performance and volunteering at Caritas. At the age of 18, she decided to start living on her behalf and moved to Warsaw from a small village near Kozienice. She graduated from the College of Pharmacy after high school, thanks to which the athlete worked as a pharmacist for several years. As she declares herself, she was mainly interested in medical sciences and cosmetology, and one of the motives for losing weight was the desire to return to sports. Kinga Zawodnik was very active in this field at one time. He has achieved many successes in table tennis tournaments since his high school days. How did you become a media?

Kenja Zuodnik’s career

On King’s TV, the player made us famous for the first time, appearing in “Diet or a Miracle”. The woman wanted to get rid of extra pounds once and for all, so she decided to take part in the program. In each episode, I tested new ways to lose weight – diverse diets, tools, cosmetics, and nutritional supplements to help fight obesity. At the beginning of this adventure, she weighed about 150 kg. However, it soon turned out that the player is comfortable in the role of a celebrity. The camera fell in love with her, and she quickly gained a huge fan following who started cheering her on her way to losing weight and fulfilling her dream.

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The next installment of Kinga Zawodnik was the Kinga First Time production, which we can watch on TVN Style. The determined woman once again showed what she can do. Did she finally achieve her goal? It turns out that Kinga Zawodnik has undergone an impressive body transformation. I managed to lose tens of kilograms. In February 2021, via her Instagram account (@kinga_zawodnik_official), she announced that she had lost 10 kilograms in just 3 months!

I still have a long way to go, but I know it’s worth it. Health is the most important. I am proud of myself! Now I know you can do that too!

However, the beautiful pipe fighter struggles with the haters who try to weaken her enthusiasm and charisma every step of the way. She said in one of the last entries:

– Yes, I have a lot of extra kilograms and centimeters, but … is this the reason for my feeling of inferiority? weaker? zacomplexiona? Is this the reason why I can’t dream? Is this why I should shut up and not have an opinion? Is this the reason why I can’t wear the dress and go out to the party? No‼️ (…) I can accept constructive criticism, but I do not approve of insults and insults‼️

On May 27, the host of two TV shows also published her e-book titled “Lose Weight With Me. Kenja Zawdnik’s Diary”. It tells you what the beginning of the diet should look like, how to introduce healthy eating habits into your life, and even how not to lose your motivation to act during the many hardships and sacrifices.

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Activity on social media

Since Kenja Zaudnik started participating in television productions, she has felt so well knowing that she is well known that she decided to start contributing actively to social media. Celebrities are famous for reporting interesting events from their daily life. Recently, an influencer shared a new hairstyle with her followers, which she dedicated to a fairly long report on Instagram. Until now, her trademark was long, wavy blonde hair. However, now I decided to make changes – a three-hour visit to the hairdressing salon, the exact course of which was reported, gave an amazing effect of a cold shade with silver reflections.

Kinga Zawodnik shares this kind of content with us on Instagram, he currently has over 82,000 people. People are watching it. The woman is also trying her hand at YouTube. What will soon surprise us?

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