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Kinga Rosin remembers his adventures in Uganda and praises his sweetheart: “‘Tarzan’ carried me twice across the running stream”

Kinga Rosin remembers his adventures in Uganda and praises his sweetheart: "'Tarzan' carried me twice across the running stream"

Since leaving “Dzień Dobry TVN” Kinga Rosin There is no doubt that he draws from life to the extreme. The journalist has become famous in recent years As one of the most passionate travelers Showing Polish works and constantly visiting new corners of the world, carefully documenting each trip on Instagram. Only in recent months, Kinga visited Greece, Paris and Venice. After a short stay in Italy And I went to Africa.

At the end of July Kinga Rosin I went to Uganda, Where she had the chance Take a cruise on the banks of the NileWalk in the woods and experience Close encounter with chimpanzeesThey live in Kibale National Park. Later, a celebrity and her partner Marek Kugawa They treated themselves A moment of relaxation in a luxury villa in Zanzibar, Then they returned to explore the continent.

On Tuesday, Rusin shared photos from Uganda with Instagram watchers. The celebrity went on a trip to the local Bwindi Forest, where she also met with representatives of the local fauna. This time Kinga had the chance The majestic gorilla marvels up close, Which made her feel like the childhood favorite cartoon heroine. The journalist made no secret of it Hiking in the Ugandan jungle was quite a challenge. However, as I emphasized, it was worth it.

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For a few days I felt like a ‘John of the Jungle’ (my childhood alter ego) was spending time among the wild gorillas in Uganda’s Bwindi! We bought it for hours of hard climbing and ripping, often in the rain, through a dense tropical forest (Video in the gallery). It was worth it! We were able to meet different gorilla families and we were very close to them. beautiful, dominant males, the so-called silverbacks (they have silver fur on their backs), They amaze you with their majesty! A few of my videos are in the gallery as a souvenir – We can read Rusin’s profile.

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The journalist admitted that the opportunity to see gorillas in their natural habitat was an unusual experience for her. As evidence of her entry, she added several recordings made during meetings with animals.

We had the great privilege of being in groups of only four with permission to be among these beautiful endangered animals, For several hours a day I continued.

Kinga took the opportunity, and also decided to tell fans a little bit about the situation of gorillas in Uganda and the state authorities’ policy towards animals. As the journalist explained, the Ugandan authorities charge high fees for the possibility of communicating with gorillas, which they subsequently spend, among other things. To protect animals or to support local communities. So gorillas are very valuable to Ugandans.

Thanks to the exorbitant fees imposed by the state authorities With special permits to enter the reserves with a guide, interest in gorillas translates into massive funding (millions of dollars annually). They are used for animal protection, research, salaries for staff, guides and rangers, and contribute to the budgets of local communities, thanks to schools, homes and infrastructure. Thanks to tourism, locals got jobs and money – which is why they want to protect the forest and its inhabitants (and that wasn’t always the case!) – Inform the King’s fans.

At the end of the recording, Rossin announced that Rwanda was the next item on the agenda of her African trip. by the way She also publicly praised her beloved who had helped her bravely in the face of adversity, which they had to encounter while roaming the jungles of Uganda.

After Ugandan adventures We are driving to Rwanda now, “Land of thousands of hills” and majestic volcanoes. note. Expeditions into the tropical jungle had their dramatic moments, and Marek, “Tarzan,” twice carried me through a flowing stream Kinga cheated.

Watch how Kinga Rosin remembers her stay in Uganda. Are you looking forward to her next adventures?

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It’s nice to live like this, I want that too

It is wonderful to see this world up close.

I’d like to see these travel reports from your trip, rather than shows like Paradise Hotel or something.

Unfortunately, there are fewer and fewer such places. Be respectful of nature. Bravo Mrs. Kingo!

Fabulous. Whoever has seen gorillas in the fog will appreciate it. At least thanks to Mrs. Kinga, we can see interesting places, not only hotel swimming pool, etc.

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Fabulous ; Wayne Mr. Kogawa The woman is lying and swinging in the clouds!

I found inf…

8 minutes ago

A three-day luxury gorilla safari costs around $3,000 per person. I think Kinia took them for 1200. On grazing less.

Even the wand has a brand….. but it won’t take anything to the second (most important) world

For a few days I felt like “John of the Jungle”. From? I do not know such a character.

I wouldn’t have had the courage to approach 😉

If someone doesn’t like it, don’t let them watch, it’s a simple matter

Is this her boyfriend in the pictures?

Another trip to the beautiful wild parts of the world….waiting for more photos and videos

It will scare those gorillas yet

In its place, I would be glad to see a lot of the world..

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