July 27, 2021

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Kinga Rossin emigrate from Poland again!  I stayed here for two weeks

Kinga Rossin emigrate from Poland again! I stayed here for two weeks

Perhaps no one and nothing can stop Kinga Rosin on her travels. The journalist is seen in a different country every now and then and her loyal fans are already lost where she is at the moment. A few days ago, my friend Adele was having a cup of coffee in a Warsaw pub, and today she is enjoying fairytale views again!

In 2020, Kinga Rusin announced that she is leaving “Dzień dobry TVN” and intends to start developing her own cosmetic company. So I did. By the way, she changed her surroundings and moved to the Maldives, where she lived for several months.

In June the rainy season began there, so the journalist who loved the sunshine decided to return to the country for a few days. After four days in his homeland, the star fled to France, but later returned to Poland again …

Russin has now spent two weeks in Warsaw. The paparazzi, among others, caught her in a bar while tasting an espresso. The adventurous journalist packed her bags and set off in search of another perfect place to live.

The former TVN star on Instagram once again boasted of gorgeous views. So far, Kinga hasn’t revealed her whereabouts, but one thing is for sure. There is no shortage of azure water, lush vegetation and beautiful nature. In a new place on earth, the journalist has found the peace and quiet that she had missed so much in the past few days…

What do you think gave Rusin the hardest time during his stay in Poland?

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