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Kinga Rusin has a perfect figure in a costume with a V-NECLET on the navel, and cool off in an Australian pool (PHOTO)

Kinga Rusin has a perfect figure in a costume with a V-NECLET on the navel, and cool off in an Australian pool (PHOTO)

Search through Instagram photos Kinga Rosin, one gets the impression that the former TVN star does not miss working in the breakfast room a bit. The 51-year-old’s schedule is filled with endless trips to the farthest corners of the world, which Reporters Without Borders loves to report on her profile. Currently, an avid traveler is staying in picturesque Australia.

rosin I’m not the kind of person who can spend all day lounging by the pool. The star has proven many times that she loves active leisure, which is why each of her trips abroad is filled with long trips. Recently, she also went on an extreme helicopter ride with her boyfriend Marek Kugawa.

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Even if Kinia spent her day by the water, the 51-year-old wouldn’t lie back and indulge in her blissful laziness. On Tuesday, the star bragged that she spends her holidays in Brisbane not only indulging in local specialties, but also Silhouette sculpting. She also took the opportunity to show off an exquisite figure wearing a “tied” black dress. Swimsuit with a neckline to the navel. The second picture showed Kinga “pimp” in an elegant dress, Ready to go out on the town.

If a celebrity wants to get a sea of ​​compliments for her photography, then her strategy turns out to be effective.

The lady has such a figure and healthy, radiant skin You don’t have to worry about cooking immorality.

But you look wrong.

Twenty-year-olds can envy your personality and beauty!

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envious!!!!!! She is a nice woman and she has done well in this relationship. Congrats. The kids are already adults, the umbilical cords are cut and it’s okay.

Was she just angry? And today I’m already naked ha ha


1 hour ago

This one has life

She earned it all herself! He has a wonderful life, jealous

What an asexual bodybuilder, I also understand cream balls. In the middle, moral ruin, worse than a fox.

latest comments (105)

She got so tense that miraculously her collarbone or some other bone didn’t break 🤣

What can you do? What he knows, no one knows. He loves to spit poison.

It looks good against the background of this potato field, photo below.

And from my Polish room the exit is straight to the hall

I know she has daughters who are grown up and independent, but even so, I’m going to feel bad walking around that way, but that’s just my opinion.

I wonder how much you paid for this article

How are the calves?? Still very masculine??

And she completes herself

Apparently, Kinia is traveling with a partner and a partner, such nuances. You have to admit that women choke in the gym and that’s a lot, but congratulations on the self-denial. It’s a pity that it’s just an appearance, because personality and ego can only sympathize.

Praise Kinga, because if not, the poodle will delete it, just like me!

In fact, no one cares about them

I think she still misses Lisa.

Sounds like a million bucks, I have to admit

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