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Klan star Aldona Orman loves cocktails but…no alcohol!

Klan star Aldona Orman loves cocktails alcohol!

Aldona Orman (54) has been playing Barbara Milecka in “Klan” since time immemorial. Although the artist appeared in many films and series, it was these popular series that made millions of viewers love her.

The actress has been very active on her Instagram profile for many years, sharing what is happening with her fans. The star of the “clan” is watched by more than 60,000 users.

Of course, holiday themes have dominated the recent posts. Recently, the actress bragged about staying at the beach and With her impeccable personality.

Aldona Orman is vacationing in Egypt, on the Red Sea coast less than 20 kilometers from Hurghada. What a view!

It’s hard to believe the star is over 50. More than a twenty-year-old girl envy her personality!

In addition to covering the summer trip, the artist also touches on more serious topics on her profile – in her latest post, she decided to share her thoughts with netizens and the topic… drinking alcohol!

The actress admitted that she loves to drink various cocktails – this is not surprising, after all, many people associate summer holidays or a relaxing evening with a luxurious drink based on a good drink.

However, it looks a little different with the “Klan” star – The actress is a fan of drinks but… they don’t have alcohol!

The taste of “something stronger” gets boring quickly, she admits.

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The fact that Orman is not a fan of alcoholic cocktails Doesn’t mean it’s radically abstained Sometimes you drink small amounts, especially if someone offers a homemade tincture.

You have to admit it The actress’ approach to spirits is quite extraordinaryEspecially among celebrities and businessmen.

However, this is not a bad thing, as you know – alcohol is harmful to health …

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