September 21, 2021

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Klarna: kup dzisiaj zapłacić za miesiąc. Konkurencja Allegro weszła do Polski

Klarna: Buy today, pay in a month. I entered the Allegro Poland competition

Klarna, the world-famous Swedish giant, has entered the Polish market. At the beginning of its activity, it wants to compete, among others, with AllegroPay, PayPo or TryPay. Customers will be able to make a purchase and settle the payment after a month.

Lokduwen It brought about changes not only in the widely understood economy, but also in the sales systems and shopping habits of consumers. Commerce Landline has moved into the internet world quite a bit.

Klarna sees its opportunity in this field. it’s a fintech that offers deferred payments. He started his activity in Poland from the cooperation with the clothing chain H&M. Klarna’s worldwide partners already include brands such as Sephora, IKEA, Expedia Group, Samsung, ASOS, Saks, Macy’s, Peloton, Ralph Lauren, Abercrombie & Fitch, Nike i Shein.

Klarna: Buy today, pay in a month. I entered the Allegro Poland competition

Klarna has so far opened offices in Germany, Great Britain, Scandinavia, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain and Italy. Now is the time for Poland.

The company cooperates with the largest retail chains. It is already using its services on a global scale 90 million customers in 17 countries. The company is headed by Paul, who in 2005 co-founded a company in Sweden with two partners. The whole group was established in 2014.

The e-commerce sector has become the driving force of the local economy. Klarna is here to amplify this phenomenon. We start with our long-term partner H&M, but our commitment is to be a growth partner for all Polish retailers, large and small, and to work together to build a loyal and satisfied customer community around their brands.

Sebastian Semykowski, co-founder of Klarna

Sebastian Simitkowski thinks so The Polish market for deferred payments is developing promisingly, and the company started in Poland at a time of very dynamic development of e-commerce. A NEPA study commissioned by Klarna showed that in 2021, it was 96 percent. Polish Internet users have made online purchases. Every third Paul shop online every week, and 59 percent. He claims he’ll only shop online if he had to choose.

Even 29 percent of respondents said they would use the “Pay Later” option on their last purchase, if available. While 3 out of 4 poles know about this option but only 1 out of 4 tries. Additionally, 7 in 10 respondents would trust a retailer more if they offered a “pay later” solution, and 62 percent. Respondents believe that they will return more often to such a store as a customer.

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With the support of research, Klarna has launched a shopping app for Polish customers. The company has more than 250,000 global business partners worldwide. In Poland, Klarna offers retailers maximum payment delay Up to 18 days and charges a commission of 2.99% and an additional 0.50 PLN per transaction.

Klarna: Top Figures for the World’s Leading FinTech Companies

90 million active consumers worldwide

2 million transactions per day

18 million monthly active Klarna users

17 markets on 3 continents (including Poland)

250,000 retail partners

4000 employees, including more than 1400 engineers, world-class talents from more than 100 nationalities

46% increase in sales year-over-year (2020 vs. 2019)

$53 billion worth of products sold through Klarna

86% – Average Customer Satisfaction in Different Markets (2019)

$45.6 billion in current valuation after cash. Klarna is one of the most respected private fintech companies in the world

In key markets, more than 70% of Klarna consumers have completed repeat transactions

Klarna Option is now also available in 78,000 brick-and-mortar stores in 10 different markets

Klarna investors are Visa, Sequoia, Primera, bestseller and Atomico. In June 2021, Klarna . acquired 639 million dollars In a fundraising round, SoftBank Group’s Vision Fund 2 raised the company’s valuation to $45.6 billion.

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