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Klaudia Halejcio bought a painting for 18,000 for a villa for 9 million. Work has been suspended next to the jacuzzi … (Photos)

Klaudia Halejcio bought a painting for 18,000 for a villa for 9 million.  Work has been suspended next to the jacuzzi ... (Photos)

last year Claudia Halligsio And Oscar became the lover of the happy owners Luxurious villa worth 9 million With private pool. Celebrities moved to a new nest shortly after the birth of their daughter Nell and were passionately documented Everyday life in the marble interiors of the property. As befits a true influencer, the 31-year-old shows Instagram watchers any changes in the interior of the place are worth a fortune. Some time ago, for example, I reported on the renovation of a bedroom, recently introduced to fans, According to the arrangement of the balcony.

on Sunday Claudia Halligsio She shared with fans more photos of the villa. This time, the celebrities decided to show off the original world A work of art adorns one of the walls of her palace. It seems so, That Klaudia decided to liven up her home’s elegant interior a bit with a less serious accent. Celebrities made it for themselves Picture with picture… the pink panther.

Halejcio posted a short video on InstaStories in which she showed observers the decoration in all its glory. Looking for the artwork of her dreams, the celebrity undoubtedly opted for an unconventional option. In addition to the cartoon character staring with piercing eyes, we can admire Klaudia’s painting Fragment of a bust of David by Michelangelo. Not only that, the numbers mentioned are painted Against the background… Cow spots.

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A real work of art Cheerful celebrity books.

Of course, the celebrity did not forget to highlight the artist responsible for the painting in her account. The work on decorating Villa Halejcio came from a brush Mary Wicijowska certain. From the artist’s Instagram profile, we learned that the painting was painted with oil paints, while we can check it on her website How much did Halejcio pay for the original decoration.

On her website, the artist gave an accurate assessment of the above painting, the value of which varies with different dimensions. The painter revealed on Instagram that the painting was hung in the ownership of Halejcio It measures 170 x 210 cm. In the above price list, the author of the painting mentioned that That for a copy of 170 x 220 cm you have to pay 18,000. So we assume that most likely About this amount that Claudia Halligsio had to spend on it.

See what the original painting that Klaudia Halejcio hung next to the Jacuzzi looks like. Worth the money?

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This home is very modern. Car house beats his head

Tasteless drama. What do you add? for this laziness.


1 hour ago

Claudia can only buy crayons with her money! .

Like this ikeaowy. And this house is a kind of cold hall.

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In the shadow of the communes, every home had a copy of Van Gogh’s sunflowers. Although the original work is a work of art, the reproduction was a shame. Good thing she bought an oil painting, not oleo copies or prints. The rest is a matter of taste.

I am already translating. She doesn’t look like an art literate person. She showed this painting because she wanted to show the world that she spent money on it. It is known that an ordinary pole could not afford such expensive plates, and Kowalski usually put this amount in the sock, because times are tough. However, Claudia is known for showing off her dear life for the money her millionaire husband is funding, so we see an article on the 18 karat plate, until Claudia’s vanity explodes in space. Today she will sleep better on a bed of gold because people will envy her.

And I thought she found it on discounts at IKEA

Unfortunately, big money is stressful. It is clear here that a woman with a larger sum cannot maintain her emotional balance. She has to spend, and she has to show that she can afford it, otherwise she is unhappy, and is tortured. Think of how tragic it is psychologically. She cannot give money the right priority in life. Throwing it from left to right. Not only does she tire herself, she tires others as well.

What a millionaire, like Picasso

18 thousand? Is it money laundering?

It would be better to do a decent porch – what I showed on insta is a mockery of the cost of this house

He has a lot of money and flair for a penny :/

And I was told that Konrad Wujirowski, Mikiwitza 18, would evict me from my apartment after 48 years of living.

I don’t want this trash for free

I don’t want this trash for free

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