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Klaudia Halejcio, in a pink coat, walks with her beloved Oscar and her daughter to a birthday party (photos)

Klaudia Halejcio, in a pink coat, walks with her beloved Oscar and her daughter to a birthday party (photos)

althoug Claudia Halligsio She started her adventure with show business as an actress, and today she is satisfying In a full-time influential role. The celebrity eagerly documents his actions on Instagram, where she is followed by more than 600,000 users. where Claudia and her lover Oscar became the parents of little Nell, Soon after they move into a villa of 9 million residents, the 31-year-old regularly features cosmopolitan family moments in the mansion’s marble interiors. For example, she recently bragged about the preparations for the upcoming Easter, when a professional team helped her.

last weekend Claudia Halligsio She decides to leave the Christmas-decorated nest and go to town. Celebrities with partner and little daughter She went to Warsaw to meet her family at a local restaurant. The whole group participated At a birthday party. Interestingly enough, she was also among the guests invited to the event Honorata Schaerbeek.

Of course, Claudia’s weekend outing did not escape the attention of the paparazzi. The press photographers captured the star and her partner after the party as they left the restaurant. Beloved Halejcio decided to help get the Christmas accessories out of the place and left the building Armed with gift bags and occasional balloons One of them is in the shape of a giant “6”. The man did not forget the comfort of his beloved who followed him and held the door of the celebrity, When she was taking an empty stroller out of the restaurant. On the other hand, a relative took care of little Nell.

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At the Christmas party, Halejcio showed up in a short white dress with a checkered jacket and knee-high boots. On top of the celebrity put a warm one on the other Pink piezo coat. Despite the joyous occasion to celebrate this day for a celebrity I guess it wasn’t very comical. When Claudia was pushing her daughter’s cart from the restaurant to the car parked nearby, one could see her face grimace of resentment. The lovable star who walked behind her holding colorful balloons in his hand, seemed to be in a much better mood.

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The paparazzi were also arrested in front of a Warsaw restaurant Honorata Schaerbeek, who at some point decided to get some fresh air and left the building.

Watch how Klaudia spent last Sunday.

Instagram vs reality

Every celebrity got this coat – the fur to advertise?

What with fashion for Bizuu bathrobe?

Instagram vs reality


3 hours ago

Honoratka What are his beautiful ears Claudia’s friend is Oscar, not Seebeck??

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Honorata – a beautiful trench coat, does any connoisseur know where to buy one?

When there wasn’t a lot of discussion, a lot of opinions, a lot of experimenting with some strollers and handbags, life was life, not things.

These outfits are very monotonous

Honorata, what is that name! And anyway, she’ll give her ears, not her breasts… 🤦‍♀️

No no !! The title should read: I left the villa for 9 million pink furs…

And she took the quilt from her bed for this carriage


Nice group, supposed to be a millionaire, walking in such a village with a poster on the front. It’s like being a millionaire or not.

31 years old, such bags under the eyes? massacre. What do you do like this?

They simply burst with humor, smiling from ear to ear

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