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Klaudia Halejcio invited the hairdresser to her house. Gorgeous new hair color! Previously she had dyed herself and regretted it

Klaudia Halejcio invited the hairdresser to her house.  Gorgeous new hair color!  Previously she had dyed herself and regretted it

Claudia Halligsio She recently welcomed her daughter Nell into the world. Although the actress doubted the issue of a quick recovery after childbirth, she did not disdain a small change in the image. The young mother decided to visit the hairdresser for the first time, and she is at home.

Claudia Halligsio showed her daughter’s face

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Claudia Halleggio spends time with her little daughter

Klaudia Halejcio at the hairdresser with little Nel. They had similar dresses, “We’ll wear the same.”

The actress continues to recover from a stressful childbirth, devoting her maximum time to children. So, instead of going to Hall Hair salon, she decided to invite the stylist to her place. Klaudia Halejcio focused mainly on coloring. And while the changes are, you might say, delicate, as her InstaStories curator explained, they will improve on the existing color, which she made herself during the shutdown. The actress didn’t hide that she left her own coloring her hair Highlights and “yellow dots” in different shades.

Due to the fact that the visit to the hairdresser took place at home, Klaudia Halejcio managed to spend most of the time with her daughter. Meanwhile, the actress took little Nell in her arms. She and her mother were famously dressed Dresses same color.

We’ll wear the same clothes, Claudia said.

Claudia HalligsioClaudia Halligsio standing with her daughter on her stomach. Birth scar shown

She praised her “before” and “after” on Instagram while visiting the designer. She even joked if she could count on new hair in addition to her own nails. As a result, the actress slightly lightened the ends of the hair and left the roots untouched. It is worth noting that Halleggio was a blonde two years ago. However, for some time she remained faithful to the specific shade that actually suits her.

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