July 28, 2021

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Klaudia Halejcio leads her daughter around the house's marble interiors for 9 million (photo)

Klaudia Halejcio leads her daughter around the house’s marble interiors for 9 million (photo)

In life Claudia Halligsio There is no shortage of recent changes without a doubt. At the beginning of June, celebrities welcomed the world’s first consolation. Shortly after giving birth to little Neil Halleggio, she announced her move to a new home. The newly baked mom and her partner Oscar decided to buy a luxury villa for 9 million zlotys.

Pudelek also managed to establish, in a new socket Claudia Halligsio It has up to 500 square meters of space at its disposal. Celebrities can have fun, among others Four bedrooms, cinema room, gym, sauna, private pool and swimming pool. As befits a real influencer, Claudia eagerly reports on the Internet about her daily activities, at the same time showing fans new corners of the luxurious apartment.

On Friday, Halejcio decided to announce to the world that she was going for a walk with her children. For this purpose, the celebrity stood with her daughter in a pram Against the background of the large volume of the hall – in fact it is completely lined with marble. Just before leaving, Claudia, armed with a piece of watermelon, managed to offer one of the ways to calm the child and treat her little daughter with a portion of funny faces.

My baby has already learned a whole range of my facial expressions, My solo art repertoire, which I thought I’d leave to myself. But what is not done to calm the child Claudia Books.


The star did not hide that her mother’s company and nature walks work best for her.

As it was announced, Halejcio did not forget to show on the web a recording of her walking with her daughter around a private pool.

If I don’t lose weight after this walk, there’s no hope for me anymore She said amused.


Watch as Claudia Halligsio poses with marbles and wanders into a private pool. Hassan?