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Kojiyasky: The United States expects an agreement with Germany and Russia. Poland is sidelined [OPINIA]

Kojiyasky: The United States expects an agreement with Germany and Russia.  Poland is sidelined [OPINIA]

Joe Biden is coming to Europe but avoids Poland. This is a clear signal that our importance to the United States is less today than it was when Trump was in office. But as it nears the end of Python’s tenure, that will change.

In the photo, Barack Obama and Joe BidenSource: Eastern News


Political djà vu. US President Barack Obama has announced his withdrawal from plans to place elements of an anti-missile shield in Poland. In addition, he did it on September 17, the 70th anniversary of the Soviet invasion of Poland. It is hard to imagine a great insult to our country. Together with the previously announced “Great Restoration” in relations between the United States and Russia, Poland will once again become a country “lying on any man’s land”, and powers will be available over our heads.

Now, recently elected President Joe Biden is making his first trip to Europe. Presented by Obama for his CNN interview. He cited Poland and Hungary as examples of anti-democratic countries. “Until 10 years ago they were well-functioning democracies, which basically became dictatorships,” Biden’s former boss said in two words. Adding to the fact that the current White House current tenant is leaving Poland and Hungary with a wider space, it is difficult to see an analogy to the situation on September 17, 2009. Probably not directly – but Mark Twain’s history does not repeat itself, but the rhymes seem to fit here very accurately.


Killer and values

Why Obama Did he say that shortly before Biden left? Since simple explanations are generally quite possible, it should be assumed that he did so on behalf of his former deputy. Biden – as current president – is not right in saying certain things. Obama – the former – can hit right from the bridge. Democrats have always wanted to present themselves as defenders of values ​​(contrary to Trump’s adherence to transactional politics), so they insisted on this element. Their voters need to be satisfied.

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Obama’s words (implicitly: Biden) Simply Democrats do not act as a reminder to uphold values. These words are very important even in difficult politics. Read them in two dimensions. First, the dimension of Democrats against Republicans. Trump focused heavily on cooperation with Poland (albeit to a lesser extent with Hungary, although Washington-Budapest relations improved considerably during his tenure), so Biden had to distance himself from this policy. What it does. During this visit he passes through Poland and, in addition, Obama says what he says. Foreign policy in the service of internal policy.

There is a second dimension – already completely international. Biden posted this in his Washington Post. He made it clear that he was coming to Europe to build an alliance of states that would help the United States in its global rivalry with China. He primarily counts NATO countries (including Germany – another clear shift in US policy compared to the Trump era, with the exception of a wider location in Berlin), but also Russia. Although he clearly defined the Kremlin’s actions as “harmful” (he recently called Putin a “killer”), he clearly seeks agreement with her.


Contaminated by Trump

And Poland? Ukraine? Central Europe? They are waiting. We are alone, we are alone with our allies, this is not the time to declare that America has abandoned us. No. The United States simply knows that the countries of our region have little room for maneuver. This is especially true in Poland. For political and historical reasons, it is difficult for us to form an alliance with Russia and Germany. America is. Washington knows it.

It was different in Trump’s time because he did not see an agreement with Moscow or Berlin. Cooperation between Poland and the United States suddenly grew as the United States needed a firm ally in this part of the world.

But Biden has a different idea. He has already been restored to relations with Germany, and he is seriously considering restoring ties with Russia. Naturally, relationships with us fall into the background. We come from the subjective role of a medium weight partner who can learn about the issues of values ​​when applied to the political puzzle.

Or is Biden really after values? If so, he would have been consistent in it. That is not the case – Obama has been shown by his superiors during his tenure as vice president. At the time, the White House was also slandering us, as mentioned at the outset of the situation on September 17th. At the same time, he strengthened relations with Germany and Russia. When Putin took over Crimea, Berlin did little to stop him.


Obama immediately decided to introduce US troops to Poland, and he became generally very lively. He taught Poland about values, but at the same time – disappointed in the Kremlin – it was clear that he was betting on us.

For now, Biden is wearing the same shoes. Edward Lucas wrote that he makes mistakes just like Obama. However, nothing happens twice. History does not repeat itself, it sounds. Because, if this is really to be done again, we will see the situation in Crimea again, but it is hard to believe that the Americans will allow it to happen again.

Poland will have to wait. In Biden’s view, the current governing body is “tainted” by Trump’s cooperation, and neighboring capitals are now more important. But we also have solid advantages. Most importantly: we are not trying to favor or fool the United States. Neither Germany nor (more or less) Russia can say that. We are trustworthy and predictable in our relations with Washington. It will pay off. Probably not in the next few months, but in two or three years it will happen. This has been the dynamic nature of our relationship since the time of Bill Clinton. So far, nothing has happened to indicate different growth.


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