July 27, 2021

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Kosiniak-Kamysz: The Supreme Council made important decisions regarding health

On Saturday, a meeting of the General Council of the Polish People’s Party was held in Warsaw.

People’s Party leader on Tusk’s return

On Saturday, Kuciniak Kames was asked at a press conference about Donald Tusk’s return to Polish politics, and he replied that he would first like to thank former Labor Party leader Boris Podka. – Thank you, Boris, for all the good. We may not have achieved all the possible goals, but Rzeszów is a good example of where we were able to win. We appreciate your work and believe that we will continue it in Parliament – said the leader of the PSL.

He emphasized that Tusk’s return was not a surprise to him.

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– We have our experiences with Prime Minister Tusk – added the peasant leader. – We ruled together for two terms of Parliament. He once said important words in a debate with Jaroslav Kaczynski in 2007, which, of course, encourages everyone to support his political environment, but if someone does not want to vote for the mailbox, let him vote for the PSL. When Donald Tusk returns to these words from 2007, I really believe that a good collaboration awaits us – emphasized Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz.

Video – Vladislav Kuciniak Kamiz’s speech after the PSL Supreme Council

Kosiniak-Kamysz urges people to get vaccinated

– I know everyone is passionate about different artistic activities, but health is the key. This is why we are calling on all of our citizens to vaccinate themselves against COVID-19, to boost vaccinations, to help get them vaccinated, the PSL leader implored at the post-meeting press conference.

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He added that under these decisions, all PSL local government officials are obligated to assist anyone who wants to get the vaccine.

Candidate Support for the Ombudsman

The PSL leader also said that topics related to the recent successes of the Polish alliance PSL were discussed at the meeting. It was mentioned here about the candidate for the position of Ombudsman a. Marcin Wiącek, who had the support of both opposition groups and the ruling party.

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Kuciniak Kamesz also noted that in recent weeks the Polish PSL alliance club has been expanded to include Senator Kazimierz Mikai Ojazdowski and Representative Irenus Ras. The Peasant Chief also mentioned the successes of PSL politicians in mayoral by-elections in different cities in Poland.


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