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KPO. Can the United States put pressure on Brussels? Kaczynski replied

KPO.  Can the United States put pressure on Brussels?  Kaczynski replied

The leader of the Law and Justice Party was asked about this issue during a series of questions In a meeting with supporters of the rally in Wadowice.

KPO. Can the United States put pressure on Brussels?

The head of the meeting asked the head of the ruling camp whether the Polish side, in the context of a strong military alliance, as well as Poland’s tough economic cooperation with the United States, could not use diplomatic channels to pressure Washington for this. He, in turn, will use his influence and specifically raise the question of the money that is still blocked in Brussels. For Poland of the National Reconstruction Plan.

– This question, which I understand, of course, comes from a certain amount of misinformation about the objectives of the two main countries at the moment – because England was paid at our expense and at the expense of the European Union – in Europe. It is about Germany and France, said Jaroslaw Kaczynski.

Kaczynski’s answer

– Well, the concepts of these countries are intended either to weaken the United States in Europe or to remove it from Europe. Hence these bends to Russia. Because this is the Eurasian concept that does not provide for a special role for the United States, but wants to build a joint structure between the powers from Lisbon to Vladivostok, said the PiS head. – It is a concept that does not take into account the nature of Russia, and, of course, is very dangerous for us – he added.

The possibilities of American pressure on the European Union are certainly great, and I am not saying that they do not exist at all. But they are not ready to separate on such a matter. This requires skillful policy on our part. The politician pointed out that percussion caps cannot be treated as bullets.

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– In short, this is a complex issue, the most important of which is the issue of the basic money that we legally owe. Only today, unfortunately, does the rule of lawlessness in the European Union triumph – who is stronger is better, the rest is in the minds of lawyers – added Kaczynski, concluding that “it will not be easy, but we will get what we deserve”.

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