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Krakow / A. Andrzej Chwalba finished his work at Jagiellonian University

Krakow / A.  Andrzej Chwalba finished his work at Jagiellonian University

A special commemorative book and a Plus Ratio Medal were handed to the Professor. Andrzej Chwalba, who will retire in September and finish his job at the Institute of History of the Jagiellonian University in Krakow. The 71-year-old historian was bid farewell Friday at Collegium Maius at Jagiellonian University.

a. Andrzej Chwalba began his teaching career nearly 50 years ago – first as a history teacher at the Fourth Secondary School of General Education. H. Sienkiewicz in Krakow, then at the Institute of History at Jagiellonian University – worked here for 44 years. The historian will retire in September.

Colleagues and friends bid him farewell symbolically on Friday. During the ceremony at the Jagiellonian University Collegium Mayos, they presented him with a special memorial book, published by Historia Jagelonica. The book, created on the initiative of the Institute of History, honors the writing and research output of the professor. Its authors also mention the historian, writing about the inspiration they drew on him thanks.

The Jagiellonian University Plus quam vis silver medal (reason more than strength) was presented to Chwalba by Jagiellonian University President, Prof. Jacek Bubiel. The scientist was awarded this distinction for his scientific and educational work, but also for the functions of, among other things, Dean of the Faculty of History and Vice-Chancellor of Jagiellonian University. “I have always admired that while performing various functions he was able to be very active as a scholar and to make new publications every year” – said the dean of Jagiellonian University – he paid particular attention to Schwalpa’s series of books on the history of the Jagiellonian University buildings.

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The mayor of Krakow, Jacek Majchrowski, presented the historian with a commemorative cup with Foil heads.

During many speeches, colleagues and friends of the professor. Praise is similar to his biography, scientific and educational achievements, as well as the activities of cultural institutions and monuments.

a. Praise and thanks for his memory, he remembers the years of school and work and the people who influenced his life choices. His father wanted him to become an engineer, not a historian, but thanks to the intervention of his grandmother, his father agreed to study history.

Andrzej Chwalba was born in 1949 in Czestochowa. He studied history at the Jagiellonian University, working since 1977 at the Institute of History at this university. At the turn of the seventies and eighties, he was a member of the Polish United Workers Party, and since 1981 he has been active in the underground Solidarity movement. He lectured, among others, at the Workers’ Christian University. In the 1990s, he was associated with the Trade Solidarity Syndicate. At Jagiellonian University, he was among others Dean of the School of History and Provost for Educational Affairs.

He is the vice president of the Polish Historical Society. Member of many organizations – incl. In the Social Committee for the Restoration of Krakow Monuments, he is a member of the Board of Directors of the Polish History Museum, International Cultural Center. He began organizing conferences of foreign researchers in Polish history, awarding the Henryk Wereszycki and Wacław Felczak Prize.

He is the author of several hundred publications. His work has been honored with numerous awards – he has been awarded, Golden Cross of Merit (2005), Centenary Medal for the Restoration of Independence (2018), Commander’s Cross with Star of the Order of Bologna Restituta (2019) (PAP)

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Author: Beata Kołodziej

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