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Kraska blames hospitals. Paramedics answer: “What about epidemic management?”

Kraska blames hospitals.  Paramedics answer: "What about epidemic management?"
  • On November 9, Deputy Minister of Health Waldemar Kraska appeared at a press conference where he reported on the current situation in the ambulance service, in particular in Warsaw
  • According to the Deputy Minister, not all hospitals in the capital announce the presence of vacancies for patients, and therefore ambulance queues are stretched in front of emergency rooms.
  • Paramedics do not agree with the words of the Deputy Minister. The former head of the Population Alliance, Jakub Kosikovsky, posted on Twitter a report from the county. Mazowieckie on vacancies in hospitals

Ambulance queues? Deputy Health Minister blames Warsaw hospitals

During the press conference, Deputy Minister Waldemar Kraska commented on the current situation in Polish hospitals, with a special focus on Warsaw facilities. He stated that there were noticeable long queues of ambulances outside hospitals in Warsaw, but he did not understand why this problem occurred.

– All hospitals are required to inform the vacancy system. Unfortunately, hospitals in Warsaw run by President Trzaskovsky are not reporting on this, Kraska said.

I appeal to the President of Warsaw not to associate politics with this. It concerns the health and life of the inhabitants of Warsaw and Mazovia. The deputy head of the Ministry of Health added that there is no room for any political aspects here.

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A large queue of ambulances in front of the emergency department. “Where is the government’s strategy to combat the epidemic?”

Paramedics responded quickly

It didn’t take long to get a response from the paramedics. Jakob Kosikovsky, former President of the Residents Alliance, and currently resident in Clinical Oncology, pointed out the false assumption made by Deputy Minister Kraska.

– Words of a quick fact-checking by Minister Valdemar Kraska. The site operated by Mazovian Voivode, Konstanty Radziwi, data from Warsaw city hospitals, updated November 9, 2021. Perhaps this is how the management of the epidemic should be approached, and not a political brawl, even rudely at that? – The doctor wrote on Twitter.

By the way, I am attaching a transparent report from the province. Mazowieckie reports on the current number of vacant beds in hospitals.

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Report the problems to the Deputy Mayor of Warsaw

It should be noted that on November 8, the Vice-President of Warsaw, Renata Kaznowska, reported the problems in the Praga hospital. Due to difficulties caused by the installation of oxygen, entry to this facility has been suspended.

– Today there are 128 patients with Covid + virus in Prague Hospital. After 5 days as a covid hospital, my oxygen system has reached a critical level. The hospital suspended further admissions. We warned that the installation would not serve 271 patients, but the ministry would – she wrote.

These problems were addressed during the conference by Deputy Minister Kraska:

We offered to deliver the cylinders (to Prague Hospital – editorial note), but they refused– said Kraska.

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