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Krzysztof Gradowski is dead. The creator of the films about Mr. Clix was 77 years old

Nie żyje Krzysztof Gradowski

Krzysztof Gradowski is dead. The ZAiKS Writers Association announced Wednesday that he has been an excellent screenwriter and director of documentaries, animation and fiction. His film “Akademia Pana Kleksa” is already being watched by the next generation of young viewers – he wrote.

Krzysztof Gradowski dead. The director of the Mr. Clix Academy passed away on Tuesday. He was 77 years old. “We are very sorry” – we read in the announcement of ZAiKS. The director said in one of the interviews that he rarely watches his films. “Fortunately, he’s never been short on viewers. The next generation of young viewers are watching his ‘Mr. Clix Academy'” – reads the entry.

Krzysztof Gradowski is dead. The creator of the films about Mr. Clix was 77 years old

Krzysztof Gradowski was born on June 26, 1943 in Krakow. In 1967, he received a diploma from the directing department of the Higher School of Cinema and Theater in Warsaw. Leon Schiller in Lodz. After graduation, he began working at the Documentary Film Studio (WFD) in Warsaw, where he made a number of films on the sociology of crime, including. “Sunday Born”, “The Consul and Others”, “Foreigners are not allowed to enter”.

As mentioned on the ZAiKS website, he was also the author of several “photo-documentaries”, including. Jan Himilsbach, Jerzy Bossak and Antoni Cierplikowski – world-famous hairdresser from Sieradz, patron of the arts known as the “King of Hairdressers – Hairdresser of Kings”. For children, he has – by writing scripts and songs and directing – the famous films – “Akademia Pana Kleksa” (1983), “Podróe Pana Kleksa” (1985), “Pana Kleksa w kosmosie” (1988) and “The Triumph of Pana” Kleksa (2001).

“The switch to children’s cinema was not accidental. In 1974, Krzysztof Gradowski made a short TV movie Santa Claus Urgently Wanted, a funny story about two petty thieves (great roles by Marian Kociniak and Marek Walczewski). He made a documentary Not For children only, where he tried to show children’s attitude to the surrounding reality through their spontaneous reactions to the film, four years later – the Druha Kirozalsky Academy, dedicated to the famous scout group Jaweda and its founder, and one year later, I wrote a touching story about a girl from a family suffering from alcoholism – ” Sama with his song” (1979) – on the website of the Society of Polish Filmmakers (SFP).

As he explained, “He had other plans, but the political situation in the early 1980s brought him back to Jan Przyszwa, who had been thinking about adapting him for a few years.” He added, “He was assisted by the legendary production director, Wilhelm Hollander, who was then – on Jerzy Hoffmann’s excellent Zodiac Film set.”

“Access to Akademia Pana Kleksa (1983) turned out to be a bull’s-eye. Soon ten-year-old Ada Niezgódka and his comrades, who began their education at the Honorary Academy, met with many adventures and funny situations the favorites of the children’s audience and their teacher – a real authority. And this is thanks to a very effective execution and great pictures of Zygmunt Samosiuk, the cast (Piotr Fronczewski as Kleks was great) and additional musical attractions: Andrzej Korzyński’s hit songs and … the TSA metal band, the texts of Brzechwa and Gradowski “- we read on the SFP website.

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Gradowski has received many awards and honors

“Akademia Pana Kleksa” turned out to be a “huge audience hit” – according to SFP in Poland, it was watched by more than 14 million viewers in cinemas. “There is nothing left to continue the Click stories,” Jerzy Armata wrote. The following were written: “Podróe Pana Kleksa” (1985), “Pan Kleks w kosmosie” (1988) and “The Triumph of Mr. Kleks” (2001). In 1995, Gradowski presented a fictional film to the young audience, “Dzieje Masterrza Twardowskiego”, starring Daniel, Rafai Olbrichsky and Rafai Krulikowski.

As Jerzy Armata recalls, “Gradowski – also successfully – cultivated animated cinema: ‘Environment, Peace, and Threats of Civilization’ – these are the main themes of the original animated films: ‘For the Good Cause’ (1974), ‘The Bottom’ ( 1976), “Convention” (1978), “From the last minute” (1980), “Super strip-tease” (1980), “Birds and the mass media” (1981), “Adaptation. A board game for all” (1984)”.

“He is the author of a very interesting documentary” Without a Camera “(1980), dedicated to Julian Josef Antonis, a non-traditional professor of animation from Krakow, who in turn made an “Moving Document Without a Camera”, or director Krzysztof Gradowski about himself … ( 1980) ”- we read on the SFP website. Krzysztof Gradowski has won many awards and honors at national and international festivals, including. In Chicago, Moscow, Cairo, Oberhausen, Gdynia, Tarnow, Pozna and Krakow.

In the years 1991-1996 he was president of the Institute of Film and Television Directors. Since 2006, he has been deputy head of the authors’ department for film and television work at the ZAiKS Authors’ Association. In 2009, he was awarded the Gold Medal for Merit, and in 2013, the Bronze Medal for Merit to Culture – Gloria Artes. It has been confirmed that Gradovsky “was also a Knight of the Order of the Smile”, which he received in 1987. In 2020, he was also awarded the ZAiKS Centenary Award. Krzysztof Gradowski died on June 22. He was 77 years old.

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