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Krzysztof Inglot, Personnel Service: It is advantageous to transfer Ukrainian business to Poland during the war

Krzysztof Inglot, Personnel Service: It is advantageous to transfer Ukrainian business to Poland during the war

– Although the employment offices officially show 140-150 thousand. Vacancies, but most employers simply do not report vacancies to offices, because they will not find them anyway. There are about 250,000 vacancies in real terms, and their number will continue to grow – Inglot believes. – The e-commerce industry will definitely need employees, tourism is about to kick off in a moment, so hotels and restaurants, for the first time in years, farmers and fruit growers probably won’t complain about understaffing. 35 percent of Polish companies already employ workers from Ukraine, and others intend to do so. Private law makes it very easy, especially for small businesses. It is enough to fill out the appropriate application on the site within 7 days – he adds.

– There is a lot to be done to make good use of the talents of the guests from Ukraine. We try it, for example, in the medical industry: we allow doctors, nurses and technicians to work, under initial supervision, and these people have 5 years to verify the authenticity of documents in accordance with Polish law. The expert is of the opinion that if it is possible to treat the competencies of Ukrainians in a similar way in other sectors, for example technical, then this will be a very important step.

We also call on the government to support efforts to transfer Ukrainian companies to Poland. Most of them cannot work in Ukraine today. If they were given a fast way to start their business with us, they would have employed a large number of Ukrainian citizens. And for very specific things: – together with employers in the Republic of Poland – we ask the Ministry of Labor to allocate funds from the National Training Fund for Psychological Assistance and Polish Language Training – most women coming from Ukraine now have never worked in Poland before – confirms Inglot.

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– In the first weeks of the war, about 150 thousand people returned to Ukraine from Poland. People. The loss of these employees in some industries, for example in the construction industry, will lead to an increase in wages. There is not much to fill in these gaps. But this will change when the war ends – Polish companies will certainly take part in the reconstruction of Ukraine, after which the Ukrainian workers will not go to Poland, and Krzysztof Inglot predicts the Poles – to Ukraine.

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– Germany pays employees from Ukraine three times more than we do, and they will remain No. 1 for them, but Poland is definitely No. 2. Behind us is the USA, Canada and many other countries, where you pay much more per hour than you pay in our country. This was the case even before the war. We have built mutual trust over the years. Today 80 percent. Polish workers declare that they have no problems working with Ukrainians. It depends on us whether the influx of refugees from Ukraine will be a problem for us or a spur to development. In addition, the world economy, and especially ours, has good prospects for the future. After the pandemic, many companies decided to shorten their supply chains and move component production from China somewhere closer. This is a great opportunity for Poland – says the head of the Personnel Service.

Wojciech Szeląg

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