July 28, 2021

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Krzysztof Jackowski reveals the truth of his visions!  I finally got out خرجت

Krzysztof Jackowski reveals the truth of his visions! I finally got out خرجت

The fortuneteller from Chuchov often helps the police and ordinary people to find missing people. He has a large group of sympathizers with whom he meets regularly on YouTube, where he shares his vision.

Recently, he decided to tell us a little more about the prophetic thoughts and images that he is going through. In the video, he admitted that several of his entries appear on the phone under such names as: “Olstein’s corpse”, “Lublin’s corpse”, “Body found in a forest near Koszalin”.

Thanks to this, the fortuneteller remembers that he managed to solve the matter. Sometimes it also happens that someone, even after solving the case, calls again, which is why Jackowski leaves all the numbers on the phone. In the last video, Krzysztof decided to explain what it means to be a fortune teller.

The fortune teller explained that the man who was helping the couple disappeared one day.

It turns out that the fortuneteller was already right! The couple found their missing uncle, who hanged himself in a haystack, took straw and made a rope from above. The clairvoyant from Chuchov also admitted that he was aware that he had many opponents.

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Krzysztof claims that this is due to his achievements, because he has already found hundreds of bodies.

And you believe his predictions?