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Krzysztof Zalewski calls for tolerance in the male stage of play: ‘Love is no exception’

Krzysztof Zalewski calls for tolerance in the male stage of play: 'Love is no exception'

Krzysztof Zalowski He is undoubtedly one of the artists who openly shares their views with the world. Recently, the musician’s speech during the Fryderyk Award ceremony was widely published in the media. By collecting the figurine of author of the year Zalewski He “warmly” received the ruling party and the union. On stage, kiss him too Ralph Kaminsky.

It’s no secret that Krzysztof Zalowski She actively supports the LGBT community and regularly uses popularity to spread tolerance among her fans. It also happened last Friday, when the musician sang in Błonia Park in the National Stadium as part of Summer Sounds Festival. At some point in the party, the artist Introduce the rainbow flag to the audience.

On Sunday, fans of Zalewski can once again admire his musical performance. singer appeared In the Meskie Granie final in ywiec. During the show, the musician mentioned that That this time he was not allowed to take the LGBT flag on stage. But on this occasion, Krzysztof shared a message about tolerance with the masses

I got a piece of paper with a red flag on it that said “There are no flags”. So no flags. But do you know which flag I’d like to comment now? One says it loud and clear Love is not excluded. love is love. Even on this topic, Colt once sang Zalewski said.


Last year, during one of the Meskie Grania concerts, artists, including. David Podsiado and Daria Zawiao, Appeared on stage with rainbow flags, To support the LGBT community in facing the protests caused by the arrest of activist Margot. Podsiadło himself, performing one piece, He has publicly ridiculed Kinga Duda’s call for tolerance.

Musicians’ gestures resonate widely on the web – some netizens are in a fit of indignation They even called for a boycott of the men’s games regulator, the Żywiec brand. The company representative explained in an interview with Virtual Media afterward that the “manifesto was not made by the brand itself,” but was an initiative of the artists who performed on stage. So it is possible that due to controversies last year, Zalewski was unable to appear on stage with the rainbow flag on Sunday.

During the concert, the musician discussed not only the topic of tolerance. Sometime also pointed out On the current events on the Polish-Belarusian border And the refugees camped there.


Look, this is a concert. We’re talking about music here, but we don’t touch on political topics What is happening on our borders saddens me. So I thought we were going to play this song – He announced the song “Refugee”.

Watch how Krzysztof Zalewski stands up to the flag during Friday’s Summer Voices Festival. Do you appreciate this gesture?

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