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KSW 71. Artur Szpilka wins his debut, Marian Ziółkowski defends the title again

KSW 71. Artur Szpilka wins his debut, Marian Ziółkowski defends the title again

In the first fight of KSW 71, two players made their debut in this formula – Mark Docis of Greece and Przemyslaw Dzuniarik. It was carried in the light heavy weight. At 2.59 minutes into the second round, Doucis won it by submitting to the opponent.

After a few kicks from Doussis, Dzwoniarek quickly moved to his opponent’s legs and moved the fight to the mat. There he dominated the fight for some time, but eventually the German got back to his feet and attacked the pole forcefully in a grab and hold, and continued to fight in this plane until the end of the round.

The start of the second batch looked the same, and Mrs. Peloman quickly knocked Dosace off and smacked him on the carpet. Then the German did, but after a while he was again overthrown. However, he grabbed the pole in a suffocating fist and made him surrender.

The second fight, this time lightweight, ended with Donovan Desmay winning. The Belgian won submission in the second round with Artur Soinski, although the latter had a contender for the boards in the first round. Sowiński is a former KSW featherweight champion and is back in the ring cage.

Both players started with great kicks and punches. After strong, but one-on-one tradeoffs, the pole hit his opponent with his knee and the fight struck with his simplicity. There, Swoiński brutally crushed Desmae, but was unable to finish it early.

The start of the second round started with a heavy blow from the Belgian. Then the fight ended in a snatch under the net and finally on the mat. There Dismay got down from behind the pole’s back, caught him in suffocation and forced him to surrender to the father.I to.

The first on the home page are Philip Stawy and Michel Martinique in the heavyweight division. After fighting from a distance, all the judges were unanimous and they all scored 30:27 in favor of the Czechs. Both players made their debut at the KSW concert.

Stawowy dominated the center of the cage from the start and tried powerful boxing moves, but the Czech did not leave these attacks unanswered and did not let him approach the net. So the duel was balanced and none of the players gained much advantage.

In the second batch of fighting, blood appeared on Bundoye’s face. Throughout the round, Martinique avoided the attacks of the polar well and confronted him with direct blows and a machete.

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The third round did not bring any changes in the course of the fight and in the end it was the Czechs who won the duel.

In a duel at the top of the bantam weighing scale Jakob Wikoch, number one in the standings, defeated Brazilian Bruno August dos Santos unanimously on points, number threeHe was exhausted on the ground floor. Now the pole is based on fighting for the belt owned by Sebastian Przepez.

The pole started the fight with a quick removal and on the carpet he started looking for a chance to win. After some time he got a seat, then grabbed the Brazilian in a reverse triangle with his legs and also smashed his head with his elbows. The competitor, however, survived difficult times.

The contenders began the second part of the battle with strong exchanges in a standing position. In the end, though, the fight hit the mat again, and it was there from the mountain to Santos. After a while, the pole reversed the situation, finding himself in a dominant position and staying in it until the end of the round.

At the beginning of the third part of the fight, dos Santos began to take the initiative to stand, but the pole interrupted his efforts and succeeded in moving the fight to the mat again. On the ground floor, Wikłacz was constantly in control of the duel and only in the last seconds the fight ended in decisiveness.

Roman Szymański won the third match in a row in KSW. After the end of the first round of fighting with Moldova Valerio Mercia, in which he had an overwhelming advantage, the latter did not reach the second round.

After the fight, Marius Lincke, who had recently passed away, was honored with a minute of silence. This is Szymański’s coach, and in fact his other father.

From the start, players focused on strong exchanges in a standing position. At one point, the pole hit the Moldavian well, who knelt on the carpet, but survived the difficult moments. After this action, he went to the decisive, where Szymański was definitely in control, who at the end of the round attacked hard in standing and hit Mircea well there, but did not manage to finish his opponent early. In the end, however, the battered Moldavian didn’t make it to the second part of the fight due to an arm injury.

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In the fight of Artur Szpilka, who made his debut in mixed martial arts, with Ukrainian Serhej Radczenka, the Pole won by submission in the second round. This decision made his partner Camila Wibranczyk very happy.

After several exchanges in the position, Szpilka transferred the duel to the mat and there crushed his opponent with blows. The Ukrainian tried to grab the pole with end technique, but Artur defended himself well and continued to smash Radchenko onto the mat.

Shpelka started the second round strong and Radchenko scored well. Then the pole also attacked with kicks, but in the end the battle hit the mat. On the ground floor of the “Szpil” he suffocated, but, freed from the grip of the Ukrainian, got a seat and began to smash his opponent, who decided to surrender.

In the bout between former welterweight champion Boris Maikovsky, and Daniel Torres, I was the featherweight champion, but at the lightweight, in the first round Pole kicked his opponent in the crotch. The Brazilian had time to himself for a long time, but then he could continue to fight. After clashing from distance, the former featherweight champion Brazilian won unanimously in collecting the points.

After the duel resumed in the first round, the gentlemen began exchanging powerful blows again and both hit well.

In the second installment, players again focus on the wonderful exchanges in boxing, but from time to time they also attack with kicks. In the end, neither of them gained much advantage and both ended up in the third round.

At the beginning of the third round Mańkowski was seriously injured and started fighting for survival. Eventually, the fight ended on the carpet as Torres continued to dominate the fight. The bout quickly returned to a standing position and fans saw a strong exchange there once again. Mańkowski began the attack and beat his opponent well, but in the end the battle did not end early, and the judges chose Torres as the winner.

Years later, Marcin Różalski is back in the ring cage. A duel with Errol Zimmerman took place in the K1 formula, for the first time in KSW history, in which players faced each other wearing small gloves. In the first round, the pole was counted after an opponent was injured. At the end of the round, Rusal fell again after a low kick from the Dutchman and it was clear that the pole’s leg was strained.

The Poles attacked in the second game, but Zimmernam rose to the front. The next two knockouts mean that Różalski lost the duel according to the rules.

Finally, Marian Zukovsky and Sebastian Rajowski faced the Battle of the Evening. At stake was the lightweight belt belonging to the former.

In the first round, we performed a binary check. Rajewski tried to surprise his opponent all the time by changing his position from normal to the opposite.

The second match belongs to the opponent. At first, Ziółkowski flew to the boardsBut Rajewski didn’t want to go down to the ground floor yet. Then the lightweight champion KSW landed on the boards two more times Rajewski then attacked on the ground floor, but without finishing.

The third round had no clear leader. Ziółkowski began to do a better job.

We have entered the decisive phase of the fight. None of the players wanted to take the risk so as not to lose everything. It was like that until the end and it was up to the judges to decide the victory of a warrior. Ziółkowski won the points unanimously.

evening fight

70.3 kg: Marian Ziukowski defeated Sebastian Rajowski by unanimous decision (2 x 48-47, 49-46)

main card
120.2 kg: Errol Zimmermann beat Marcin Rosalski by TKO (four by knockout), 1.26, second round
70.3 kg: Daniel Torres defeated Boris Maikovsky by unanimous decision (3 x 29-28)
105 kg: Artur Szpilka defeated Serhiy Radchenko via TKO (serving after punches), 2.52, second round
70.3 kg: Roman Szymański defeated Valeriu Mircea via TKO (hand injury), 5.00, Round 1
61.2 kg: Jakub Wikłacz defeated Bruno August dos Santos by unanimous decision (2 x 30-26, 30-27)
120.2 kg: Michel Martinique defeated Philippe Stawy by unanimous decision (3 x 30-27)

Admission Card:
70.3 kg: Donovan Desmaiet defeated Artur Soinsky by submission (rear choke naked), 2.42, second round
93 kg: Mark Docis defeated Przemyslaw Dzunyarka by submission (guillotine), 2.59, second round

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