July 27, 2021

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Kulesa and Kominski will compete for the presidency of the Polish Football Association.  Josef Wojciechowski did not make it to football

Kulesa and Kominski will compete for the presidency of the Polish Football Association. Josef Wojciechowski did not make it to football

To register their candidacy, potential candidates had to submit a minimum of 15 recommendations from the provincial associations and clubs Premier League And the first league. Each entity, comprising a total of 52 (16 + 18 + 18), can award a recommendation to two candidates.

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The main culprit is Zbigniew Boniek? “He reacted too late.”

By far the most recommended was the candidate to win this election, Cesare Colisa. vice president PZPN For professional football, the former president of Jagiellonia Biaystok received 40 out of 52 possible recommendations. According to our information, they came from 12 regional associations and 28 clubs.

“Thank you for up to 40 recommendations in the election of the President of the Polish Football Association. It is a great honor and commitment for me. It is also a clear signal from the entire community – the federations and clubs – that we share a common vision for the development of Polish football,” Kulesa wrote on his Twitter page “.

Kulesza was also the only candidate registered until the afternoon hours, but he also joined him later Marek Kominski. The second candidate has not decided to publicly disclose how many recommendations he has received (as of the night from Monday to Tuesday), but according to unofficial reports, she should have had about 25.

Until the last moments, the former owner of Polonia Warszawa was also supposed to fight for the necessary number of recommendations, Joseph Wojciechowski. Backstage, you could hear that the Warsaw businessman had a double number of recommendations, but in the end he could not reach the necessary fifteen.

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Cesare Colesa says what he would do as president of the Polish Football Association. Made a statement in Sousa

This information was confirmed at night by the Polish Football Association, which issued a short message:

Polski Związek Piłki Nożnej informs that, in accordance with the deadline set in the statutes, the following candidates have been presented in the elections for President PZPNWhich will be held on August 18 this year.

– Marek Kominsky
– Cesare Colizza

PZPN informs that both candidates meet the formal requirements required.”

Kulesza’s “primaries””

When discussions began about Koźmiński’s duel with Kulesza over the most important position in Polish football, it was said that Koźmiński – Vice President of Training and a confidant of Zbigniew Bonic – Support of the county associations, Colisa – Vice President of Professional Football and former President of Jagiellonia Białystok – Clubs (50 of 118 votes).

At Sport.pl, we reported on June 26 that the balance of power has fundamentally changed, The Cezary Kulesza supported up to 10 regional unions – from Podlaskie, Mazowieckie, Lódzkie, Warmińsko-Mazurskie, Lubelskie, Śląskie, Lubuskie, Zachodniopomorskie, Opolskie and Podkarpackie.

Despite Marek Kominsky’s public statements that the information provided by Sport.pl is incorrect, On July 6, in the “primaries”, as was said behind the scenes at the election of the vice president of PZPN for amateur football, our information was confirmed one hundred percent. Colisa’s candidate, Adam Kamerichak of لودód, received 10 votes from the aforementioned provinces. 4 people abstained because Kaźmierczak’s competitor – Radosław Michalski of the Pomeranian ZPN, along with Andrzej Padewski of the Silesian ZPN, left the room in protest of the open voting formula that had been passed.

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Marek KominskiHis opponent, Marek Kominski, refers to the post of president of the Polish Football Association. There is a Sousse permit تصريح

Kuliza is close to winning, but Konminsky is still fighting

One month left until the Polish Football Association elections. They will be held on August 18 at the General Meeting of Reports and Elections. According to our calculations, Cezary Kulesza’s advantage over Marek Koźmiński is now significant. previous president Jagiellonia Bialystok It can count on about 80 out of 118 votes, while 60 votes are needed to win.

In the county unions (which have 2 to 5 votes), the 10 counties that support Cezary Kulesza translate to 36 votes. If all the remaining votes for Marek Konminsky were counted, he would get 24 of them, although one is still not sure which votes of delegates from the Wielkopolskie and Świętokrzyskie districts, who are the most frequented in this group.

Kulesza’s advantage in clubs is even greater. At the moment he can count on 40 out of 50 votes, while Komiński has 10 out of the remaining 8 votes (coaches, referees, futsal, women’s soccer), more than half must also go to Cesare Colisa. Marek Kominsky, a former Polish actor, but stubbornly trying to reflect the voices of his opponent. He focused primarily on the clubs of the first league, where the difference between the candidates is the smallest, especially since the idea of ​​​​there appeared.