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‘L4’ Trade Thrive for Healthy People Online: 10/25/2021. 5 minutes and 59 zlotys is enough to get off work. Legally

'L4' Trade Thrive for Healthy People Online: 10/25/2021.  5 minutes and 59 zlotys is enough to get off work.  Legally

Last year, companies whose activities are mainly limited to issuing sick leaves appeared on the medical market last year. After entering the phrase “sick leave” in the Internet search engine, we get an extensive list of results with private companies that provide this type of service. What distinguishes them – as they themselves know – is the speed of implementation of electronic leave, which ranges from 5 to 30 minutes.

The cheapest offers start from PLN 59, the average cost of obtaining such an exemption fluctuates between PLN 80-120. After entering the website with electronic sick leave, simply enter the symptoms in the form and enter the number of sick leave days you need. The maximum period is 7 days, but it is possible to extend it with the following teleportation and repayment. Then we wait for a call from the doctor who confirms the “L4” exposure and provides specific instructions.

Illness in 5 minutes, without leaving home – there is a surge to buy “L4”

According to Mikowaj Zajek, a labor market expert, teleportation relieved the health service at a critical moment, but at the same time it reinforced the easy procedure of blackmailing the “L4”. It is attended by authorized persons, i.e. doctors. Since the beginning of the epidemic, nearly 74% of Poles have used teleportation.

– The doctor does not have the slightest opportunity to check whether the patient is really sick, whether something is wrong with him, or whether he just wants to buy sick leave. Of course, this does not apply to all cases of electronic layoffs, but in Poland we are certainly dealing with a procedure conducted by a narrow group of people, which leads to significant financial losses for the state – Explains Mikowaj Zajek, president of Conberio, the largest Polish company dealing with absenteeism due to illness.

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In the meantime, the state unit does not deal with controls. In 2020, a total of 22.7 million medical certificates were issued to those insured with ZUS, and 275,000 medical certificates. – It is less than 2%.

– ZUS has all the tools necessary to verify waivers purchased over the phone or the Internet and to identify abusive waivers. Our company also keeps statistics of doctors based on staff control – we know first-hand which one is the most popular among patients. Since we have this knowledge, ZUS is surely watching the situation as well and should take appropriate steps in advance to counter it – adds Mikołaj Zając.

investment savings. More and more people are willing to select …

The July nationwide study on access to treatment in Poland—the availability of services for primary care physicians, parapsychologists, and outpatient care—showed that since the start of the pandemic, up to 74% of polled Poles had used transportation services. Now.

As emphasized by Mikołaj Zając, employers lose out the most from the ease of obtaining sick leave without proper verification.
– In the first half of 2021, at the request of the owners of large production plants employing several hundred to several thousand employees throughout Poland, we conducted 10,207 examinations on sick leave. In the case of 36% of them, we recorded violations – we did not find the person at the address indicated on the ZLA form or found a violation of its provisions – Summarizes the expert.


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