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Ladybug opens on Sunday. Grid found a way to block trade

​W najbliższą niedzielę ma się otworzyć kilkaset sklepów sieci Biedronka - wynika z nieoficjalnych medialnych informacji. Żeby ominąć zakaz handlu w niedzielę lokale mają działać jako placówki medyczne albo czytelnie. Właściciel sieci Jeronimo Martins Polska na razie nie skomentował sprawy.

This Sunday, several hundred Pedronka stores will open, according to unofficial media information. In order to bypass the ban on trading on Sunday, the buildings must function as medical facilities or reading rooms. Chain owner Jeronimo Martins Polska has yet to comment.

As of 2020, trading is prohibited in Poland on almost all Sundays of the year. However, the law had loopholes, for example it allowed the operation of stores in the center of post offices. Large retail chains have benefited from this. However, the regulations were officially changed, as of February 2022, stores with post office status may operate on non-commercial Sundays, if they reach at least 40% of the total. Revenues.

However, this has not stopped retail chains from looking for other solutions that would allow them to open their branches on Sunday. I found a way to do it Biedronka, which plans to open some stores as medical facilities or reading rooms.

According to the portal, the network has analyzed the legal possibilities of opening stores as medical facilities over the past few weeks. As unionists say, individual store heads have received guidance on the planned changes.

Another plan is to set up book rentals in stores. The . portal has arrived Instructions to be received by the Pedronca staff. According to her, during the night from Friday to Saturday, some institutions will receive about 140 books that will be placed on the catwalks.

The rental shop will be available to customers with the Moja Biedronka loyalty card. Books can be borrowed for 2 weeks and a deposit of 3 PLN is charged. It will be returned later in the form of a voucher.

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According to unionists, this Sunday, August 7, There may be several hundred open from more than 3.2 thousand. Pedronka stores in Poland.

The network’s decision is outraged by employees who call for protest in internal forums. There is also discontent with Law and Justice MP Janusz Schneadyk, who handled the removal of loopholes in the law on Sunday by banning trading. This is a warning to all customers that they are entering stores operated by scammers. Foreign capital comes to Poland and intends to seize unfair competition – said the politician in an interview with Wiadomoś

Pedronka’s press office has yet to comment on these reports.

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