July 29, 2021

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Land of War - Premiere, price, hardware requirements

Land of War – Premiere, price, hardware requirements

At the last minute, the game’s premiere was delayed. The authors are unable to provide a new date. The reason is that there are symbols in the game that are prohibited by German law. The developers have already made changes and are awaiting approval for the patched version. Below we provide an excerpt from the press release sent by MS Games studio

Due to problems occurring banned icons in the German version of the game Land of War: The Beginning We would like to inform you that we have to postpone the premiership today. The game is now complete and fully playable, however, while we await the approval of the modified version for the German market, details of the final release date of Land of War will be announced on Friday (May 28, 2021). With all factors in mind, MS Games wants the release delay as small as possible.

The game will appear on the market today Land of War: The Beginning, A first-person shooter that takes place in Poland during World War II. Production will only be released on PC and will be unlocked On Steam Around 6 pm Poland time.

Land of War: The Beginning It will start at PLN 99.99. The game will offer only one player mode and will contain a full Polish version of the languages. In the dubbing we will hear voices from among others Jacek Rozenk and Mirosaw Zbrugjevic.

The game is the first work of the independent Polish studio MS Games. The company will also play a publisher role for this project. FPS games rarely address the topic of battles in Poland during WWII, so hopefully the production is worthwhile.

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If you are considering buying Land of War: The BeginningAnd the It is worth getting acquainted with the hardware requirements of the game.