July 28, 2021

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Lara Gesler boasts a newly decorated balcony: 'I've always wanted to have such an oasis' (PHOTOS)

Lara Gesler boasts a newly decorated balcony: ‘I’ve always wanted to have such an oasis’ (PHOTOS)

Next to Piotr Szeląg Lara Geisler Live the happy and fulfilling life of a successful woman, mother and wife. Magda Gesler’s 32-year-old daughter divides her time between professional duties, which have recently been dominated by influencer activities, and raising her daughter. Lara also does not forget that she is not only a mother, but also the partner of her lover. In relationships, she often emphasizes that her relationship and her relationship with her husband are very high in the hierarchy of importance.

Geisler She travels a lot around the world, and the fact that her daughter Nina is still a small child does not prevent her from traveling. The resourceful Lara arranges the trips so that the child is well tolerated and enjoys the rest like their parents.

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Celebrities also take care of the house. As a lover of beauty, Lara tries to make her surroundings beautiful and warm. Magda’s daughter recently praised the effect of collaborating with a brand selling furniture and tools for arranging balconies and terraces.


Finally, we have the balcony of our dreams! I always wanted to have such a real oasis in my apartment and finally it worked! There are a lot of flowers, lights and beautiful furniture – Lara happily wrote, adding to the post a report from a large newly decorated balcony.

See photos from Lara Geisler’s apartment. Is it well arranged?