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Lara Gesler raises her nose to the sun and fan out a pregnancy tumor after visiting “Dzień Dobry TVN” (photos)

Lara Gesler raises her nose to the sun and fan out a pregnancy tumor after visiting "Dzień Dobry TVN" (photos)

Some are not yet used to the look well Larry Gesler In the role of mother, the famous star has already begun the countdown to the birth of the next child. This time around the Gessler family will have a new son, said to be a big dream for both Lara and her husband. Piotr Szeląg. Waiting for the day of resolution, daughter The most famous Polish restaurant He seems to diversify his daily life with fashion experiments. Everything indicates that Rihanna has just enlisted another stomach-churning mom into her chic ranks.

larra Follow Singers from Barbados and started Expose your pregnancy belly during public appearances. The perfect occasion for that came on Saturday, when the celebrities came to visit the studio Good morning TVN. From her wardrobe, Gessler chose silk pajamas with a quirky vine pattern. The unbuttoned shirt revealed Lara’s big belly.

Geisler chose a summer outfit Cream braided wallet with black stiletto heels. Celebrities’ noses feature dirty pink framed sunglasses.

Check out the latest maternity designs from Lara Gessler. all over the world?

Only the yellow nails are missing.

She who has not yet given birth

He looks bad and he has a right to do it

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Rihanna does not give interviews because she is the daughter of a mummy, only because she has been singing for years and has advanced her career. I’m not a fan of Rhiana, but the girl had an idea of ​​her own, went off on her own and was able to build her own brand while remaining an independent, non-licking woman. It is rare in this business. This lady, however, is doing nothing but being a mummy’s daughter and taking stupid pictures in social media. Let’s not compare these two women.

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It is disgusting to see that it disgusts people, not everyone wants to see her stomach.

How is TVN invited? Restaurant owner’s daughter? This woman has not achieved anything in her life, she is not doing anything interesting. She is just a daughter.

Poor children who will be born into this “sick” world … I sympathize …

Why did you go like this?

And she thinks it looks great.

What is not done to the second cash register. Applause .ohyda 👿‼

Lara brrr. Who of the viewers wished to see and hear it?

Thanks with…

11 minutes ago

It seems that she quickly jumped into her pajamas and did not have enough time to fasten the buttons.

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