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Lara Gessler and her husband are not going to baptize their son. Magda Gessler’s daughter revealed why

Lara Gessler and her husband are not going to baptize their son.  Magda Gessler's daughter revealed why

In mid-September Lara Gessler and Piotr Zilog They became parents for the second time. young St. Bernard He instantly became the apple of the eye of famous parents, and on the occasion of the publication of the first baby photo, the happy mom revealed that her son is a “very calm baby.” Their daughter was also pleased with the boy’s arrival NinaBorn in October 2020.

Lara Gessler and Piotr Zelig did not baptize their daughter. They betrayed the cause

The birth of the second child Lara Gessler Of course, it resulted in dozens of congratulatory comments, but it also raised a lot of questions about raising a young child. It’s no secret that Celebrity and her husband did not decide to baptize their daughterwhich caused intense reactions among netizens and right-wing journalists.

Lara and Pyotr themselves did not hide the fact that they had their reasons and did not want to cultivate a religious tradition, which often did not even depend on the faith of their parents, but only on manifestations and pressure from relatives.

We are not practicing Catholics, so we have no reason to baptize our daughter. I’d rather live like a good person than create a social alibi – she commented to us.

The rest of the article is under the video

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Lara Gessler live about the baptism of the second child. You left no doubt

I don’t practice nor support the Catholic Church very much, so there isn’t much reason for me to baptize my child. There are no indications from either side I cut off the topic.

They still have no similar plans for their daughter. What about that? Magda Gessler? It should be noted that the owner of the restaurant has already stated in a previous conversation with the same site that she does not intend to interfere in Lara’s decisions and advise her on this matter, but only if she requests it herself.

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6 hours ago

They sat together at a fashion show, he looked around with curiosity, and she liked the mouse. When she saw the camera, she tried to grab his hand…he didn’t even look. The man left his wife after having two children.. He went to sleep in a hotel. What woman would allow that? Put it on slowly so there is no crowd 😂🙈

And Lara is still with the children’s father? Did you cut already? He couldn’t stand the pressure 😵‍💫

How about a chaise longue? Already rested?

Baptism is not a church, baptism is the latest and most important.

latest comments (111)

I loved Lara, but her sponsored IG posts were starting to annoy me. She used to be an ordinary working girl, now it’s about sponsorship trips and advertising for money. I do not support him.

Pudelek, you are promoting the globalization agenda so that as many people as possible leave the church??

True, he has a child from Jabliksinsk. He left her while she was pregnant. Their office handled Magda Gessler’s cases, and chose a daughter.

And is it now a Catholic gate or a poodle? Because recently, the same topics about who to baptize and who not to baptize. Let yourself rest because doing so is boring.

Not everyone has to go to heaven, especially if someone doesn’t make it

anti advertising…

1 hour ago

I don’t cut my kids!!!! It’s barbaric. !!!!

The world is going down…

1 hour ago

If you leave the calendar, there will be no funeral either because unbelievers have no moral right to ask a priest to bury him.

And what should the church baptize about. Can an unpracticed child be baptized anyway? But everyone’s business

Well, smart people left the church a long time ago

Like in Wyborcza, except Wyborcza Gazeta is crazy about priests, if you don’t like priests, hit Twitter or Facebook, this is where you belong, seriously. They pee evenly, but it doesn’t matter anyway. Speaking of Gessler, those children probably wouldn’t have access to the sacrament, because through such relationships, Gessler would probably be ashamed of Dirty Gars’ mother, grandparents, uncles, the whole family know plus friends, and us. Lara Shame, I doubt it was, but maybe sometimes she’s ashamed of the way she pays for groceries

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Baptism is not a priest, but a sacrament .. To know this, you need to be a true Catholic, and not an upstart person. Why do we care about her religion, because she does not need God in the life of her child, she does not need to be baptized and that’s it .. There are many such innovators in our country …

Next to Cichopa, Kurzajka, Landlord, Zborowska, Rozdymek, etc. The deliberate and willful destruction of KK for the sake of money, advertisements, and a the hope that young idiots will imitate them “because they are famous”!!

Who can sleep and read about the infidel Lara, who will not baptize a child? 😅 Poodles, baptismal theme is really your obsession

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