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Lara Gessler poses in a bikini, revealing her pregnant belly in front of a mirror (photo)

Lara Gessler poses in a bikini, revealing her pregnant belly in front of a mirror (photo)

Lara Geisler In the Polish show business, this is made possible thanks to the famous mother who travels all over Poland Revival of decaying restaurants. Soon the daughter of the “creator of taste and fashion” liked him Life in the spotlightEntering the world of celebrity with a certain step.

larra Mainly focus on online activities, Instagram profile development. There he shares the details of his private life with netizens. She recently told fans that she is expecting second child. Let us remind you that Piotr Szeląg’s wife is already the mother of one-and-a-half-year-old Nina.

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The Blessed Status is the perfect occasion for Gessler’s descendants to remind the world of celebrities themselves. Lara feels pregnant and in very good shape, so she tries not to miss industry events, which is an excellent opportunity to present pregnancy curves. This star, who appeared some time ago at the Elle Style Awards, sparked interest in this adorable giraffe print creation.

On Tuesday morning, Gesslerówna surprised the online community by posting a selfie at Floral two piece swimwear. It turns out that Lara went on vacation to MexicoTo Zihuatanejo to be exact.

In other mazurkas, in other a nicer surprise – Lara Geisler wrote on Instagram.

The photo of a pregnant celebrity was filled with jubilant comments from netizens.

beauty; You look really beautiful; Promechic. I envy you, you look my god. You look perfect pregnant – Fans commented.

What a charming flower – wrote the owner of the restaurant.

This guy is weird

The specific face may be attractive, but the shape is beautiful

Occupation: Child of a famous father

Lara is just the daughter of her mother, known from “Kitchen Revolution”. The sad thing is that the editorial office did not record until the death of the great Polish composer Andrzej Korzyski, known for his music for the Zuławski films, Wajda, known to a wider audience due to his many songs, “Yellow Calendars”, “Kochać”. Untitled house…

What country is Rihanna like 😂

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Leave these pictures for you and your husband

What these people lack, that they have to show their whole life, this is sick, no privacy.

Marius, I’m going to do this too, so much so that I’m not pregnant because I don’t have my period. I hope this menstruation ends once and for all.

The poodle, better to write about the “original” group of the Baron made in collaboration with Blanca’s girlfriend, who was pulling out, still shooting the same things as you did and dear 😂

no no no…

6 minutes ago


Make-up seems to work wonders…

She started to reveal herself again

catholic pole

13 minutes ago


She will never be beautiful but that’s not the important thing.

The belly is beautiful but the bust is sagging

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