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Large number of departures from the New York Police Department

The maneuvers begin in Bulgaria with players from Great Britain and the United States

A large number of officers from the New York City Police Department (NYPD) are retiring or retiring this year. They explain it, among other things, the increase in hostility and crime against the authorities.

According to the New York Post (NYP), 1,596 people left the NYPD as of May 31 this year. About 524 guards left the profession and 1,072 retired.

“The number of 1,596 people will increase by 38% when 1,159 police officers retire in 2021 and by 46% from 1,092 police officers leaving their jobs by 2020,” the newspaper said. The biggest expulsion of New York City officials since the figures were obtained.

Citing his evidence, he pointed out that hostility to the police, bail reform and increasing crimes have caused frustration among NYPD rankings and file officials.

“The city has lost control – especially after the bailout reform. The magic is now + running as long as you can.

He spoke of the declining number of officers and the consequent increase in the number of missions. He said when the people were arrested, they were released on the same day.

“I had to explain (to the residents): + This guy will be in jail today, but tomorrow evening he’s back on your street, he’s in the same corner, you’ll see him in the same shops (offenses). I wish we could do something more. We can not + Joe explained.

Statistics provided by the New York Daily Contradict NYPD data show that by May 31, 1,091 police officers had left, 494 resigned and 594 retired.

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Andrzej Dobrowolski from New York

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