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ląskie: National Revenue Administration officers in Silesia have stopped the illegal transport of 22 tons of waste

Zatrzymano ciężarówkę przewożącą 22 ton nielegalnych odpadów (fot. Śląska KAS)

Officers of the Silesian National Revenue Administration stopped a truck for inspection of Opole registration numbers in the area of ​​the border crossing in Gorzeki, on the A1 motorway. Gracina Komicic, a spokeswoman for the Chamber of Tax Administration, said Friday that it had transported 22 tons of illegal waste.

Illegal transportation stops. 26 tons of waste will not go to Poland

The Lubuskie National Tax Administration has stopped the illegal transportation of 26 tons of waste – said the press spokesperson for the head of KAS Anita Wielanek.

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– A car full of waste was directed to a Silesia company that deals in the recovery of industrial waste generated in various industries. The documents showed that transferred from Austria Foil waste is separated – Kmiecik reported.

As a result of the inspection, they revealed mixed municipal waste for the uniform of the National Tax Administration in Silesia: cardboard, polystyrene and plastic with an admixture of textiles.. The Voivodship’s Environmental Protection Inspector considered the waste transport illegal and ordered that it be returned to the sender – and she confirmed.

In accordance with the regulations in force, only waste intended for recovery may be imported into Poland – mainly secondary raw materials used in production. In the case of illegal transfer waste KAS asks the Environmental Protection Inspection Authority to cooperate.

Tons of rubbish from Germany. KAS . work

National Revenue Administration officers stopped the transport of illegal waste weighing 36 tons on the A4 motorway. The trash has been removed from…

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In such cases, officers what or what they drive Submit a request to the relevant Voivodship Environmental Protection Inspector to assess the goods transported If we are dealing with an illegal international transport of waste, the transport may be sent back to the sending country – Kmiecik explained.

Sending illegal waste to the sender does not protect against financial consequences. According to the provisions of the Land Transport Law, violations of the provisions for transporting waste may result in high fines imposed by the Customs and Tax Department on the entity that sends the waste, on the person who transports it and on the recipient.


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