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Laura Breszka recalls the relationship with Antek Królikowski: “He always combined family life and party”

Laura Breszka recalls the relationship with Antek Królikowski: "He always combined family life and party"

Anthony Krulikowski After a series of compromising behaviors regarding both his private life and the strange fantasy of two-sided battles, he luckily decided to take a break from show business. He is currently focusing on nurturing a relationship with a mysterious lawyer IsabellaWho left a pregnant woman Joanna Obozda. Although he lost himself in the eyes of fans, some of his fellow industry mates stood behind him.

Antik KrulikowskiAnd before he got involved Joanna ObuzdoHe was dating other celebrities. Although most of the media coverage was his relationship with Julia WinyawaShow watchers will surely remember his past relationship with the actress Laura Bryshka. The couple dated for several months and separated in 2014.

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Nearly a decade has passed since Breszka and Królikowski separated. Today, the actress arranges her life alongside her new partner, Maciej Bartkoviak, whom she reluctantly talks about in public. Instead, she decided to return to her relationship with Antique. In an interview with a reporter, Jastrząb Post revealed her opinion of his recent antics.

I haven’t experienced anything bad on his part. The world is amazing and brutal. I’m not surprised at all lately. But not because he’s a bad person, but just because life goes on, different situations happen and I don’t condemn – She said.

In Pryszka’s memory, Antek is remembered as someone whose family comes first:

Antik, a member of the family, cheated on his wife, abandoned him, and does not pay for a child. The family was born, but perhaps only with his poisonous mummy.

A marathon for friends to do good PR…

He’s good for a mom who’s madly jumping on him, which doesn’t mean he’s family. Don’t these defense attorneys know that sometimes it’s best not to speak up?

And my sandbox friends when they reveal themselves and tell you how great you were and everything

Krolikowski was hitting Wieniawa. There are pictures under Plan B. Neither of his ex-wife talks because he is afraid of him. Antik showed his aggression in Bosko Zdroj by beating the women….

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What she was doing with this sludge…. I love her. she is beautiful.

The photos show a woman and a boy talking about sleeping with a person who looks like a child.

This Breszka has madness in her eyes.

Everyone here specializes in his life, family relationships, and so on. Give him a rest. As if your speaking could make a difference.

Isabella is not a lawyer, she does not have a law degree, she does not have a law degree

My first man was fine with me, then he started hitting his wife. An alcoholic, so I would be careful in such statements.

If she had a child with him, the song would be different.

Family life and parties are incompatible and not interconnected!!!

His mother, he had no children and was not married, it is easy to combine partying with the service of the mother, and it is even worse to combine it with having children.

One day Krolikwoski will understand what he did and will cry a lot. Karma will come for him. Karma does not lose its title. You will remember my words.

Laura, why are you defending him? You don’t know what it’s like to be a single mother??

Laura had to comment because no one cares about her, I see her once in my eyes ha ha ha

Abandoning son and wife as they are burdened by the family boy of Antoine, the boy of the family who I think of at his mother to dine with his mistress.

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