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Lay off dozens of King’s employees in Clarence House!

Lay off dozens of King's employees in Clarence House!

According to the British newspaper “The Guardian”, King Charles III was supposed to demobilize dozens of people from Clarence House. Some employees of the royal residence in London served the monarchy for decades. After the death of Queen Elizabeth II, the new king is set to move his position to Buckingham Palace.

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Sudden layoffs of royal workers

The British newspaper reports that soon, among others, the special secretaries and members of the financial office or liaison team will be. In total, the number reaches 100 people. Furthermore, staff learned about the actions taken by Charles III during the Queen’s Thanksgiving service at Edinburgh Cathedral at St. Giles.

According to a letter from Sir Cliff Alderton, the King’s chief advisor, several workers assumed that he and the King would start work on the new house, which is likely not to happen.

Everyone is angry, including the private secretaries and senior staff. From Thursday, the whole team has been working late every night, and it’s something like that. Obviously people were shocked

– The interlocutor informs “The Guardian”.

Sir Alderton reported in a letter that Clarence House would be closed, and that some jobs would therefore be redundant. At the same time, inform employees of the support they can receive. However, people who provide “direct and close personal support and advice” to Carol and Camilla can count on more collaboration.

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No binding decisions have been taken yet. Talks on this topic will begin after the state funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, which is scheduled for September 19. Elizabeth II died on September 8 at the age of 96. She sat on the British throne for more than 70 years.

wkt / Guardian

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