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Leaders of foreign delegations in Europe and the United States have called on Russia to release Kara-Mursi.

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Sejm Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Marek Kuchciński (PiS) and the Senate have called on Russian officials to immediately release the opposition Vladimir Cara-Mursi from arrest in Europe and the United States. Bokton Clich ((KO).

Vladimir Kara-Mursa is a Russian opposition activist and politician. He was arrested on April 11 in Russia. His lawyer said he should remain in custody until June 12. The Kara-Mursi case in Russia is under investigation for fabricating reports of Russian military operations in Ukraine.

“As chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee, we call on Russian authorities to immediately release Vladimir Kara-Mursa. .

He attached the declaration, which was signed by representatives of foreign delegations from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Germany, the Czech Republic, Great Britain, Ukraine, Denmark, the United States, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Italy, Spain, and France. Romania, Norway and the European Parliament.

“We condemn the Putin regime’s brutal repression of free speech and independent media in Russia, and demand the immediate release of all conscientious objectors detained by Kara-Mursi and the Russian government,” the statement said.

Vladimir Kara-Mursa is a Russian activist, opposition politician and former ally of Boris Nemtsov. He is the Vice President of Open Russia, an NGO founded by Russian businessman and opponent Mikhail Kodarkovsky. In 2012, he was elected to the Coordinating Council of the Russian Opposition, and in 2015-2016 he was the Vice President of the People’s Freedom Party. Author of documentaries. Since 2021, he has been a senior member of the Raul Wallenberg Center for Human Rights.

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