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League of Nations volleyball players: Stefano Lavarini announces squad for the tournament in the United States.

The coach of Stefano Lavarini gave a list of 14 players who will participate in the Volleyball League of Nations in the United States. The team will fly overseas on Sunday, May 29th. Along with the team, Veronica Sofiksevska flies to the United States as a reserve player.

In Shreveport-Posier City, the Polish women will play the first match of the League of Nations, which begins on June 1. They will then travel to the city of Kuosan in the Philippines (June 14-19) and finish the main stage in Sofia (June 28 – July 2).

Like other LN participants, the Polish team will play in 12 matches; Lavarini will face charges against Canada, Brazil, South Korea, Germany, Thailand, Japan, the United States, Belgium, Italy, Bulgaria, the Dominican Republic and China.

The final will be held in Ankara on July 13-17 and will feature eight top teams from the regular round.

Polish national team on the VNL at Shreveport-Bossier City (USA):


Alija Krabka
Katarzyna Wenerska
Jonah Volos


Monica Feduccio
Zuzanna Grecka
Martina Lucasic
Olivia Rosansky
Veronica Slogowska


Claudia Algierska
Alexandra Crica
Agnieszka Kagolevska
Camila Widkowska


Maria Stencil
Alexandra Szczygłowska


Stefano Lavarini – Coach
Nicola Vettori – Assistant Coach
Christian Bachlinsky – Collaborative coach
Bartosz Groffik – Physical Training Coach
Kacper Duda – Statistics / Collaboration Coach
Fabio Cappan – a statistician
Krzysztof Zając – Attending Physician
Benita Kapoor-Sarneka – Physiotherapist
Dominica Bozacic – Physiotherapist
Szymon Szlendak – Leader of the Polish women’s team

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