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Leak in Nord Stream pipeline. CNN: Russian ships were seen nearby

Leak in Nord Stream pipeline.  CNN: Russian ships were seen nearby

CNN reported that on Monday and Tuesday, European security services spotted ships supporting the Russian Navy in the Baltic Sea, near leaks from the Nord Stream gas pipeline.

A gas leak was detected on Monday from two Nord Stream gas pipelines in the Baltic Sea. The leaks occurred in one place in Nord Stream 2 . gas pipeline southeast of Bornholm and at two locations on Nord Stream 1 northeast of Bornholm. The Swedish National Seismological Network (SNSN) measurement station recorded two intense underwater explosions in areas where leaks were found on Monday.

The Swedish Coast Guard announced the discovery on Thursday Fourth infusion.

CNN: Russian ships were seen near the leaks

CNN said – citing two Western intelligence officials and a source connected to the case – that European security services had spotted Russian Navy support ships in the Baltic Sea near the leaks. CNN reports that it is unclear whether the ships observed had anything to do with the leaks, but that this is something investigators will investigate. An intelligence official also reported that Russian submarines were seen in the vicinity of these areas.

A Danish military official noted that Russian ships routinely operate in the area. He stressed that their presence does not necessarily mean that it is Russia caused the damage in question. “We see them every week,” he said. Russian activity in the Baltic Sea has increased in recent years. He added that they often test our vigilance, both at sea and in the air.

Nord Stream pipeline leakPAP / EPA / Danish Defense Command / HANDOUT

Three informants from the American station reported this United State It has not yet been determined who could be behind the possible explosions that caused a leakage in two pipelines on Sunday and Monday.

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CNN said Denmark and Sweden are investigating the leak. The on-site inspection has not yet been conducted and information is still scarce. One official said the Danish government’s assessment would wait because pressure in the pipes made it difficult to approach the leak site, but another informant said an investigation into the root cause could begin next Sunday.

The prime ministers of Denmark and Sweden said on Tuesday that the leaks were likely the result of deliberate actions. On Wednesday, the Swedish Security Service said it was possible that “a foreign authority was behind this”. US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan On Tuesday night, he described the leaks as “obvious sabotage.” Officially, however, senior Western officials refrain from attributing the attack on the gas pipelines to Russia or any other country.

The Kremlin denies this

The Kremlin has publicly denied that it reached the pipelines. His spokesman described the allegations as “stupid and absurd.”

In turn, the Russian propaganda agency RIA Novosti recalled the situation on Thursday Russian Foreign MinistryWhich stated that the leaks from the Nord Stream pipeline occurred in an “area controlled by US intelligence services”.

Main image source: PAP / EPA / Danish Defense Command / HANDOUT

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