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Learn adult life. It’s time for a (independent) apartment!

Learn adult life.  It's time for a (independent) apartment!

They are just starting their independent life, initially being provided with food and care. However, once they spread their wings, they will be able to take the next steps toward adult life. Gliwice Poviat offers young pupils an opportunity.

Although the beginnings may be difficult, it is the opportunity for a new chapter in life that five young people discover in less than a month. Pupils in foster families, care and education institutions who have reached the age of majority will live in a sheltered apartment in Bojszów. Young people want to become independent, because among the five rooms that have been equipped – there are already seven ready.

protected place

The idea was born in 2018, when the Boviat Council submitted an application for co-financing for the implementation of a project related to the reconstruction of a building on the property in Bogchov, in order to create a sheltered apartment in the Glivice district. Implementation of the application began in December 2018 and continued until the end of 2021. The farm building was reconstructed and a sheltered apartment was built next to the children’s family home. It took more than half a year to finish the place for young people, so that adopted children can start a new phase of life on the first of September. Director of the Family Assistance Center of Glyvići County – Barbara Terlica-Kopitsius does not hide his satisfaction with this turn of events, because it is an opportunity for young people who may not repeat themselves – a sheltered apartment is only a form of assistance for people who have come of age while receiving care for replacement. The idea of ​​this apartment is connected with the fact that today the pupils who often leave the nursery do not have anywhere to return to at the first moment. Before they get an apartment from the municipality, it happens that they return to their biological families, where conditions are not always good. We have been thinking about it for a long time, to create such an apartment in the Glyvići area, consisting of five rooms with single bathrooms, for five pupils – he confirms.

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four walls

Each student will have their own room with a sofa, desk and wardrobe, while each room has an individual bathroom. Two rooms are adapted for people with disabilities, one room on the ground floor, where a wheelchair can be moved if necessary, and the other on the first floor. For young tenants, there is also a living room and kitchenette, where they will be able to prepare meals together or individually. Pupils will receive support from a psychologist and teacher.

It’s time for changes

Initially, there were no interested parties willing to take up the challenge and live in a sheltered apartment, but the open day checked that there were more than one free rooms. Currently, there are seven candidates for five air-conditioned rooms. Social workers will start talking to the stakeholders who will have to present their plan for the future. The duration of stay in the apartment, the desire to continue education, or perhaps the first job are issues that will be discussed and decided on future tenants. Payment for accommodation depends on the individual situation of the fee. – As far as we know, a large part of these young people will be exempt from payment because they do not have a high income. The director notes that these are young people aged 18-23 who are taking their first steps in their adult life.

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