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Learn music instead of weapons – African Music School

Po Mszy św.  była okazja na rozmowę i wsparcie AMS

The Franciscans spoke about the situation they suffer every day on African soil, as well as about the Music School, the construction of which is still under construction – I founded the school 5 years ago. It was the first facility in RŚA. We work beautifully in teaching children music and instruments, said Father Benedict, noting that the people who live there are very musically gifted.

Referring to today’s Gospel about the daughter of Jairus, the missionary noted that – sometimes difficult situations arise in our lives, but the Lord Jesus wants to lift us up, help us, and free us from this indifference. One of the boys, Jospin, is here with us, he’s 14 and he plays guitar. He comes from a poor family and has 13 brothers. He came to order food several times. […] Once we visited his parents as a guest. There I saw a stone with the words “Jesus loves you” on it. When I looked at Josep and said: “Jesus wants a smile, joy and thanksgiving to appear on your face,” – said the priest, adding that it took two years to prepare for departure – it was a difficult time. We are doing a lot of good, but many officials have caused us problems to come to Poland.

Later Father Benedict spoke about the difficult situation related to the activities of the rebel groups – it was during the elections of the Central Committee of the People’s Republic of America. We heard gunshots in the morning. People panicked. Out of fear they began to flee to our monastery. About 5000 people came. We received about a thousand people throughout the night. Our school was operating at that time. We met to play and forget the whole situation for a while – Father Benedict recalls.

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Speaking about the motivation behind the creation of the Africa School of Music, the pastor noted that this is an opportunity for these young people – the goal is to give a chance, especially to those who have abilities, but do not have opportunities. Al-Khatib said: I wanted to share what I have with the poorest people, and you will hear the effect of our work in thanksgiving.

The priest said that the young men had been involved in rebellions for 14 years. He also noted that when old people send them with weapons to fight, they shout in fear: “Mom.” Believers could also hear the story when a missionary faced death twice during an attack by a rebel group.

During Thanksgiving, Father Benedict’s song “Thank You, Lord” was heard, and instruments were played: Jospin on bass guitar, Hippolyte on drums and Christophe on electric guitar.

On Sundays, in front of the church, you can drink a Capuccino, buy a book by Raniero Cantalamessa, as well as a CD entitled: “Instead of Arms” published by the School of African Music. It is a building block for a school.

More songs will be available during the concert on Tuesday at 19:00, where boys from RŚA will perform with children and youth from Poland.

Today we invite you to read “Niedziela Wrocławska” on July 25 – there will be materials related to the activities of Father Benedict and the “African Music School”

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