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Learn Polish for children abroad: online education

Nauka języka polskiego dla dzieci za granicą internet

News from Poland: Learn Polish for children abroad. Recruiting 2022/2023 academic year. You are planning a trip or live with your family abroad? Do you want your child to learn? Polish language and knowledge about Poland? You can enroll them in schools in the distance education system (online) coordinated by the Center for the Development of Polish Education Abroad.

Learn Polish for kids abroad online

Learn Polish for children abroad

Students can choose from two learning plans:

  • Polish students who complete their compulsory education in local schools abroad follow the curricular framework for supplementary education (subjects: early school education, Polish language, knowledge about Poland);
  • Students who, for justified reasons, are unable to complete compulsory education at their place of residence abroad, the distance education system enables them to study within the framework of the curriculum

Download the book for free: “Bilingual in nature. An instant guide for parents and others” (Polish-German version)

Schools in the distance education system (public primary and secondary school) are coordinated by the Center for the Development of Polish Education Abroad. In the 2021/2022 school year, distance learning attended closely 1500 students in 84 countries globally.

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Benefits of distance learning

Education in schools formatted by ORPEG is free. Classes are conducted by qualified faculty. Celebrations of national holidays and historical anniversaries occupy an important place in the school’s programme, allowing students to better understand their identity. Improving knowledge of the Polish language also allows you to maintain constant contact with grandparents, family and peers who live in Poland on a daily basis.

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The benefits of distance learning include:

  • Learning via an e-learning platform;
  • Possibility to obtain a school certificate and identity cards valid in Poland;
  • access to educational materials – primary school students can borrow textbooks; Non-returnable workbooks are also issued in grades 1-3 of elementary school;
  • Possibility to take grade 8 exam and matura exam – students who follow the framework curriculum are subject to grade 8 exam and matura exam;
  • a smooth return to the Polish educational system, for example while studying;
  • The opportunity to participate in the Polish language and literature competition – the competition is a ticket to participate in the Polish Literature and Language Olympiad; winning the title of finalist or laureate, among others, even exemption from the matriculation examination in the Polish language and providing a number of facilities in the recruitment process for selected universities; The title of laureate of the Olympiad qualifies him to receive a scholarship from the Minister of Education and Science.
  • more information

See also: PDF: Deutsch “Natürlich zweisprachig Ratgeber (nicht nur) für Eltern”, Autorin: Danuta Wojtaszczyk


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