September 23, 2021

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Learn programming for free?  Explore sites where you can learn for free

Learn programming for free? Explore sites where you can learn for free

The world is changing, no doubt about it. The pandemic has disrupted many industries, and those that seemed very safe (the food industry or the event industry) had a hard time. A lot of people have rushed towards information technology, more specifically programming. No wonder, as there are languages ​​that you can learn very quickly.

Not only is it easy to learn, the demand for such programmers or programmers is huge and you can quickly move from learning to making money. Remote work is becoming commonplace, even for casual corporate enthusiasts. So if you think about coding, it is worth starting with the free tutorials, and there are quite a few of them. There is no need to spend money on something that may not work for you after a few days.

Learn programming for free – courses

Browsing the web, you can find countless online courses that provide quick learning, for example, of the basics of coding. Since you’ve never been in the industry before, the sheer number of guides or even languages ​​can scare you away, so I’ve collected the most interesting of them in one place.

Open Source Community University

Online studies for free? Not only that – it studies on your own terms. You impose on yourself the pace and level of learning. You will receive some kind of certification in return, but it is clearly not necessary to work in this industry. The offer of the virtual university includes a lot of courses and textbooks. The vast majority of them are free. Among them, materials about software engineering, testing or a lot of theory.

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Perhaps one of the most popular free programming learning sites. This is where you come across for the first time when searching for information on Google. The number of courses here is so great that we will definitely not have enough life to master everything. So if you are still looking for a language that you want to learn, you will definitely find it here. A lot of the courses also revolve around building websites and here you will learn about frameworks like Mongo, React or NodeJS. Do you want to work in mobile apps? Also no problem. The huge educational platform guarantees access to more than 3000 different courses.

Odin Project

In the case of the Odin project, this website mainly focuses on Ruby, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and NodeJS environments. So they are usually front end languages, and learning is very fun and practical. You will set up your first projects fairly quickly, which in the case of programming is a great incentive for further learning.

Khan Academy

Another platform that allows you to learn the front end and build websites. From these languages ​​it is worth starting to learn, which will allow you to very accurately enter this field and get acquainted with the aspects and operation of structures. You will find plenty of courses on offer, from the basics to the more advanced ones.


Here, however, we find more theories, but at this more advanced level. So if you have any knowledge in the field of computer science, the courses and materials available on MitOpenCourseware will allow you to organize it all. If you are not afraid of data architecture or even artificial intelligence, it is worth taking a look.

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I hope you like this short but brief list of websites, and I already know I’ll be working on expanding it. Share your opinion or feedback in the comments, and if you liked any course – tell us which language you prefer!