September 22, 2021

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Learning: how to earn learning points •

Learning: how to earn learning points •

Learning and the learning points associated with it are among the most important things in Humanity. It is one of the resources – apart from food, production and money – that the city generates, that influences the pace of research, so it translates to the rapid development of the empire. On this page you will learn how to increase the number of scientific points produced.

First, select any City (1)that belong to your empire. Pay attention to the value Science (2) at the top of the screen. It represents the number of science points that that particular city generates at each turn. You can also hover over this icon to get it Detailed Information (3).

The higher the number of scientific points, the shorter the research – and therefore, the faster you will develop new technologies. It is also one of the two – apart from the money – resources that are produced from all the cities you own.

In the initial turns, you will use it to increase your learning Research Area (4). However, each generates some scientific points over time This value will increase (5). Thanks to successive buildings or religious rules or beliefs. A large part of a civilization also gives you access to unique areas – you can only build one such building within a particular city, but it will offer a multiple of what a typical quest area produces.


Science is a resource that you need to pay attention to throughout the game. This will allow you to quickly unlock new technologies, and, accordingly, more powerful units and valuable buildings. It is also a very good way to get the Age Stars required to advance to a new era.

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