October 19, 2021

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Learning using new technologies.  High school teachers from Nowy Dwór participated in a national project

Learning using new technologies. High school teachers from Nowy Dwór participated in a national project

Teachers from Wł. Ziemia Żuławskiej participated in the national project “Lesson: Enter” implemented by three organizations: the Orange Foundation, the Information Society Development Foundation and the Institute of Public Affairs. During training, education staff learned how to conduct classes with the use of digital tools and new teaching methods.

The high school in Nowy Dwór Gdański was proposed by the director of the facility, Marian Koczyk, who was also involved in the training. The aim of the activity was to change the way teachers conduct lessons so far by demonstrating the benefits of using digital tools and ICTs and activating teaching methods.

During the exercises, teachers from Nowy Dwór High School learned how to change the way their lessons are run so that they can engage students more, develop the ability to think critically and creatively, and teach them to work in a team. The program is designed to help organize and conduct lessons that put the student first, allowing him to gain knowledge through his own experience and research, with the help of publicly available digital tools, software and applications.

The training participants learned how to:

  • Conduct lessons that engage students and meet their needs,
  • Use new technologies responsibly, creatively and safely,
  • the use of stimulating teaching methods,
  • Diversify your lessons and permanently change the way you conduct them,
  • Create your own digital content.

– Thanks to training under the “Lesson: Enter” program, I have expanded my workshop with modern teaching methods, increasing my competencies and digital skills. Thanks to this, I also increase the chances of my students’ interest in gaining knowledge and using these tools in a creative way to conduct lessons – he says Justina Koyatkoska, a teacher of history and knowledge about society at the Nowy Dwór high school and a participant in the program.

According to the organizers of the program, the implementation of the project is planned for the years 2019-2023; During this time, more than 75 thousand people will benefit from the training. Teachers from primary and secondary schools. They must participate in classes according to one of two tracks: teacher training from 4 subject groups (Early School Education, Humanities, Mathematics and Science, and Arts) or IT teacher training.

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