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Lech Poznan will win in agony and be the leader again. One goal for Pika None is a crucial one

Lech Poznan will win in agony and be the leader again.  One goal for Pika None is a crucial one

Why Poznan He has a chance to jump again lychee after, after Gdansk lost points in the match against Stal Milek. The team from Poznan was also furious after two disappointing draws with Stahl and Gornik Ochna. On the other hand, Piast suddenly lost Warta Poznan After a bad game, both teams had something to prove.

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How much have Ekstraklasa clubs lost during the pandemic?

Fantastic goals! Space match! League runners-up lost points, even though he was ahead 3:1!

Unfortunately, it was not visible on the field. The first half is perfectly illustrated by the channel commentator’s wordssports Radosław Murawski who said he deserves to be commended Game defensive center And the fact that Lech does not allow counterattacks. It says a lot about the number of positions the two teams have created for themselves. The Lich was the dominant party, but apart from some, it wasn’t particularly dangerous arrows From the penalty area he could not create a position for himself. Perhaps the players also felt that it would be difficult to get any occasion, so Isaac demanded it Penalty After playing with one of the defenders. The repetition showed how far from the truth it was attacker hosts. The ball hit the opponent in the thigh, and the hand was not close to her.

On the part of the inhabitants of Gliwice, only the Toriel inversion can be observed, as well as the last position of the first half. Katranis looked perfect from depth of field to “sixteen”. The ball missed all the Lechites, caught by Sokołowski and defeated Bednarek. The problem is that Thomas Hawke, who was offside, also joined the ball. The judges decided that he participated in the lawsuit and Goal Not recognized.

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Yao YeboahFootball player in Wissa angry after the change in the 12th minute! He removed his frustration [WIDEO]

It was decided to start the second half. Lech Vaz with Piast

In the second half, Lech entered the field with a decision to improve. The Lechians pushed Piast into a deeper defense. In the 48th minute the score could have been 1-0. Salamon shot from distance, and after a rebound, the ball finally hit Lowe, who was placed in the first half, and hit the ball, but Platt bounced back. The Piast goalkeeper had nothing to say in the 55th minute. Pereira entered the penalty area and hit the right flank. The defenders of Piast completely forgot about Amaral, and this defender scored 1-0 with a free kick from almost 11 metres.

By the end of the match, nothing else had happened. Lech left the air after scoring a goal, and Piast could not threaten Bednarek’s goal. The hosts made quite a few counter-attacks, but were able to eliminate them poorly and eventually exhausted the win with Piast Glives. Team Maciej Skorża is the leader leggyAnd Piast is tenth so far.

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