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Lech remains in the fight for the championship. Defeated Jagiellonia

Lech remains in the fight for the championship.  Defeated Jagiellonia

In Bialystok, “Kolejorz” won for the first time in many years. Champion, as in the last meeting of Philip Chemsak. This time, in overtime, he scored a 2:1 goal.

Since defeating Raków Częstochowa, Pozna’s Lech is “on improvement” and if he dreams of defending the title, he can no longer falter. Even assuming “Kolejorz” wins in the late match with Miedzia Legnica, the loss to the senior residents of Czestochovo is 10 points. Let’s agree, only the most ardent Lech fans believe in bridging this distance. But coach John van den Brum’s accusations beautifully obliterated the poor situation in the league table with his stunning rise to the 1/16 final of the Conference League. And in the spring they will try to catch two magpies by the tail.

But Jagiellonia is also a “must have”. After a streak of eight unbeaten matches, there was a memory. One point in the last four rounds has brought Jaga alarmingly closer to the relegation zone. Despite the few votes, there were voices about the uncertain position of coach Maciej Stolarczyk. It would be ridiculous to dismiss him, but in recent years such miracles have not happened at the Jurowiecka club. The Jaga sympathizer was used to the Fun Tour, which has been firing more coaches at a crazy pace for several years. I stayed the most consistent on a red-hot chair for about 200 days.

No one noticed that knocking down more heads pushes the club into not very pleasant areas on the table and instead of chasing other coaches away, he tried to fan the team, starting with parting with the fat cats, that is, the old footballers of Bialystok.

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