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Lech Walasa in Miami USA. He met the Cubans

Lech Wałęsa (fot. Gerald Matzka/WireImage)

Former President Legh Walasa is in the US. During his visit to Miami, he met the Cuban people. Walesa assessed that the Cubans’ problem was that they “didn’t want to.” “You talk and you go to the States,” he said.

Main result for Poland, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia. Partial entry ban for Russians

The prime ministers of Poland, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia agreed to limit the entry of Russian citizens into the Schengen area …

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Lech Wałęsa met with the Anti-Cuban Assembly at the Bay of Pigs Museum in Miami.

“Many of you, like me, have given your whole lives to the fight. For now I am the winner among you I wish you too. (…) When I was working with you, I proposed ideas for your success, but I regret that you did not follow them – he assessed.

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He mentioned the former President of the Republic of Poland After 20 years of searching for people willing to fight, this time he found only ten. And two of them became agents.

He said that Pope John Paul II contributed to the downfall of communism.

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If you want, we have beautiful Cuba. You usually don’t want to. You will talk and after that you will go to the States – he pointed out.

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