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Legal and material support, library, language learning. Little Ukraine in Grunwaldzka 5

Z prawej strony osoby w środku duży stół, na którym leżą kwiaty, rośliny, ozdobne trawy, z lewej stoją dwie młode kobiety, trzymają w dłoniach kwiaty

Refugees from Ukraine have found a safe meeting place in the RC Foundation building on Grunwaldzka Street in Gdansk. number. Workshops for florists, during which participants create small botanical masterpieces with which they can decorate their new homes or present them to loved ones

Image. RC . Press Releases

RC Foundation support for refugees from Ukraine. any kind of?

In the past three months, for many refugees from Ukraine, the building has been in Grunwaldzka 5 in Gdańsk Wrzeszcz, where the RC Foundation is based, has almost become a second home. Thanks to the activities carried out by the Foundation with the help of its partners, new residents of Gdansk receive a wide range of support here.

RC . Foundation (Establishment Regional Center for Information and NGO Support) It is an independent civic organization that inspires social change, promotes local animation, and educates activists – those who are just beginning their adventure with NGOs, as well as those who already have experience in the field. RC implements nearly 30 projects. Including many years of experience, such as: Gdansk NGO Center, Pomeranian Social Animation 2.0, Towards stable employment in NGOs, Iron enterprises. The foundation also works with the local community in Gdansk through the Neighborhood Department House in the Palace (which organizes free events for residents), a free legal advice point, Telecare, and helps social animators create their own initiatives under the Gdask Neighborhood Trust, Gdansk Sports Recreational fund and social complex.

– From the beginning, we have focused on long-term activities and offer a very diverse support, tailored to actual needs – explains ukasz Sambourski, Director of the RC . Foundation. – That is why two Ukrainian employees joined the team – Dasha and Yana – which greatly facilitated diagnosis and communication with the recipients of our services.

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for Ukraineothers. Musical and poetic charity evening in support of the Zaporizhia Hospital

RC support includes: legal aid point, Polish language lessons, library of Ukrainian literature, translation of documents, local materials help point, meetings with a psychologist, cultural events as well as integration workshops, art and sports for children and adults.

This assistance is possible thanks to donors and partners: Lions Club Gdańsk Gedania, KGHM Polska Miedź Foundation, Morena Association, Biedronki Foundation, UP Foundation, Gdańsk Shopping Center Manhattan, as well as co-financing from the city of Gdańsk and the state budget.


Mała Ukraina at 5 Grunwaldzka Street What are the most popular activities?

– At the moment, the calendar is full of comprehensive events, and our office is vibrant International life. So far, we have held 160 meetings in this field and Events – Tells Dasha Balaby, Ukraine Support Coordinator. Polish lessons are still very popular. About 150 people participated in the lessons. More and more people – nearly 190 – are also coming to sports activities such as yoga and Zumba. It is an opportunity for them to keep fit and relax after work.

As Dasha says, the participants are very grateful for the wide range of activities for children, especially now during the holiday season.

Gdansk card helps Ukraine. Ви отримаєте допомогу. Зробіть заявку

– Children create models and express their feelings through drawing and art activities – adds the curator. Some activities connect generations. During flower workshops, participants create small botanical masterpieces with which they can decorate their new homes or present them to loved ones.

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Psychological counseling and therapy … reading

Psychologists work with children and adults, which moms say helps a lot too Adaptation to a new place. Individuals also use official services such as Legal advice (44 meetings) or translation of documents into Polish. Every day, new visitors register at the library and take home Ukrainian books to themselves and their children. They say they desperately need this kind of connection to the culture. on the shelves Libraries can be selected from 714 items, and the collection is constantly growing. in the list There are already more than 140 female and male readers.

On the right side, a girl is bent over a handkerchief, holding a needle and thread in her hand, embroidering

RC offers a wide range of activities for children. Youngest fashion models, expressing their feelings through drawing and artistic activities – it is also a form of therapy

Image. RC . Press Releases

Free legal aid in Gdansk not only for residents, but also for tourists

– People who come to us say the institution is where they feel Comfortable and safe – confirms the director Samborsky. Here they find friends they meet outside the palace walls. They exchange information, go to other events, or talk and support each other. This is what we wanted above all.

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