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Legia.Net – Legia Warszawa – Some notes after the match in Moscow

Legia.Net - Legia Warszawa - Some notes after the match in Moscow

Lygia escaped from Spartak – The coaching staff of Legia, headed by Ceslav Michniovich, was aware that Spartak bites, he has his problems, but in order to be successful, you need to play the match wisely. For most of the match – nearly 60 percent of the match – the Polish champions played 3-5-1-1. The formations were close to each other, and players did not allow compound games, for vertical passes. The hosts’ strengths were limited, and the Russians were mainly threatening Artur Boruc’s goal after long shots. Fortunately, the scenes were far from adjusted. The opponents fired a total of 22 shots, but only 4 of them were on target. By the 70th minute, it was Rui Vitoria’s players who controlled the match, they had more of the game, but could not put the ball into the net. The last 20 minutes were for Legia – and Luquinhas gave the signal, but the ball after his shot soared high above the goal. Later, Maher Emreli shot off the post, Ernest Moussi showed a great movement and Lirim Kastrati scored the goal. After a while, the representative of Kosovo scored a goal for the second time, but this time he was in an offside position. Legia withstood the pressure of the hosts until he rose to the front and struck a blow after which the Russians did not rise. I did well!

smart changes – Wise changes helped in this and not another session of the second half of the meeting. First, Lirim Kastrati replaced Ihor Charatin, who played passively, sometimes avoiding the game, hiding behind his friends, and sometimes not visible. It was replaced by a player imported from Dynamo and made of high quality. Legia adjusted the line-up, Castrate played as one of the ten, behind the striker, ran to the right. After Maher Emreli played at the post, he threw the ball into the net twice – once from offside. Thomas Beckhardt fought in defense, helped, and made his way through. He took part in the goal – he ran towards the ball played by Muci, brought two defenders to himself, thanks to Lirim Kastrati he had more space. Ernst Mossi entered the field for the Czech Republic seven minutes before the end of the match and showed his impressive activity. He cheated his opponent, shooting the ball along the side line, or even beyond that, chasing insanely and scoring perfect goals in the penalty area. The world of work. Three alternatives contributed to achieving the goal.

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Double your investment in Kastrati – It turns out that Legia has invested in Lirim Kastrati twice. The first time I brought in this player for 1.3 million euros. The repayment is distributed in five installments, to be paid over three years. Kastrati made a goal of 420,000. More euros, because for the withdrawal it will be 210,000, so 1/3 of the amount, with great help from Muci, Kastrati did it himself. But the second investment – in a Serbian player visa – was more successful. There would be no goal, no money, had it not been for the perseverance and tremendous work of Magdalena Sarska and Radoslav Dej in the administrative department. Thanks to them, it was possible to circumvent the Russian regulations that do not recognize the independence of Kosovo. Lirim flew to Belgrade, Legia handled all the procedures remotely, and the player went to the agency, which with the player went to the consulate for a fee of 150 euros, with legal and medical support. managed to! Probably the best 150 euros spent in the club’s history!

The great Nawrocki and Slisz The whole team was to be commended, but like every match, this one had its champions. There was already Muci or Kastrati, but the best players on the field are definitely Maik Nawrocki and Bartosz Slisz. The young defender won his place in the Legia squad by storm, in Moscow he was always one step ahead of his opponent, he stopped his shots, he was always where he should be. Of the 33 passes, he managed to pass them accurately 32 times, which is 97% of the passes! He won 11 duels with an opponent, intercepting the ball 8 times. He had two main interventions, and Legia’s goal work started from him. Despite his young age and experience, he has played as a routine player with dozens of matches at this level. In turn, “Sliszu” was working on the field for two, secured the rear, and should have helped, but Luquinhas did not use his excellent passes. He had 7 pickups, including 4 in the opponent’s half. At the end of the match, he was all over the place – he secured, he played. I did well!

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The second match of its kind in history Legia decided for the second time in Moscow the fate of victory in the last minutes – it was the same ten years ago when Janusz Gul scored a goal. It is also the second match in history when Legia won the match in the group stage of the European League. This was the case seven years ago, when the Legion was defeated 1-0 at azienkowska Lokeren. Then scored the only goal Miroslav Radovich! This time Lirim Kastrati decided about three points. Spartak did not help even Lech Pozna fans, who chanted for more than 20 minutes and sang from ul. Bulgarian Hymn – How they grew up hating Lygia. The team was supported by a Legia fan, who flew to Moscow, which took him more than 30 hours, spending most of his time at the border. Legia appreciated the efforts of the fans – in times of outbreak of restrictions, entering Russia is not easy and taking the propeller to the plane. Returning to Warsaw with the team was a bonus and gave this guy a lot of fun.

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