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Legia says goodbye to another player. He has already made an agreement with the new football club

Legia says goodbye to another player.  He has already made an agreement with the new football club

Legia Warsaw From January 6 at a training camp in Dubai, as he prepares for the second part of the season Ekstraklasa. They did not go to training camp Casper Costors And Andre Martinswho were allowed to leave the Polish heroes. So far, the club’s only transfer has turned out to be Patrick Sokolowski, which until recently was associated with Piast Gliwice. Kostorz decided to accept Pogoń Szczecin’s offer and signed a 4.5-year contract with her, while Martins likely also found a new employer.

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“I know which players pass the test when playing for clubs like Legia.” An interview with Marius Pekarski

Media: Andre Martins leaves Legia Warsaw after four years. He will play in Israel

TVB Sport announces that Andre Martins is leaving with Legia Warsaw Six months before the expiry of the applicable contract. The midfielder decided to accept the offer Hapoelu Beer Szewa It has already flown to IsraelTo undergo medical examinations and sign a contract. Martins decided to sign a contract by the end of June 2023, thanks to which he will earn about 350,000. dollars a year. This means a former player Sporting Lisbon He will earn less than in Legia – then he will receive about 450 thousand. dollars for the season.

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If all goes well, Andre Martins will be at Hapoel’s coach’s disposal for the match against him Maccabi HaifaWhich leader? leggy Israel, scheduled for January 17. A team from southern Israel watched Andre Martins while he was playing at Olympiacos, that is, in 2016-2018. In addition, he is trained to prepare the engines at Hapoel Łukasz Bortnikwho was previously associated with Legia and the staff Ceslav Michenewicz.

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Andre Martins joined Legia Warsaw in September 2018 for free Transfer He was the first player to be recruited by the then military coach, ie. Ricardo Sa Pinto. The midfielder played a total of 128 matches for Legia Warsaw in all competitions, in which he scored two goals and scored six assists. This season, he participated in 26 matches in all competitions.

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