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Leksiu leaves Team X, offering sex to teens

Leksiu leaves Team X, offering sex to teens

I decided to leave because I don’t want what happened to affect the team. I also stop my internet activity for now, I have to focus on myself and my affairs – I tell Lixiu On his Instagram profile.

– Thanks to all viewers – Note.

Team X with Lex on YouTube for over a year

Leksiu belongs to the second team tenth team, Also in which are Julia Ojaj, Patricia Muzanov, Cesare Nickel, Monica Kochojic, Carol Pesko and Maciej Eggsmont. The group primarily creates content on YouTube, has been in operation since December 2020, and their channel currently has nearly 900,000 subscribers, and the post has been re-created 338 million times.

Team X is also on Instagram (has 349,000 followers there) and TikToku (222,000 followers).

Team X member’s photo appears on Yummer i The distinguished juices, which at the end of last year were offered for sale in Pedronka stores. Four winter camps with Team X are planned for January and February, and are sold out online.

In addition, Team X sells clothes, cosmetics, and tools in its own online store. Last year, she published a collection of songs and music videos, and three concerts are scheduled for February and March under the slogan “Team X-mas”.

Konopskyy revealed that Leksiu offered sex to a 15-year-old girl

Last Wednesday, YouTuber Konopskyy provided information and content on his channel that he received from a teenager who last year exchanged private messages with 23-year-old Lex. He incorrectly stated that the girl was 14 years old at the time, and was in fact a year older than her.

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According to the teen, Leksiu sent her a picture of himself with his genitals showing and suggested that she send her a nude picture of herself. He also announced that he would be happy to visit her to have sex with her. Leksiu deleted messages from the conversation on Instagram Immediately after the girl read it, but recorded the whole conversation.

– A dozen or so girls sent me more stuffs from dm’s (confirmed by a logging when they logged into the lexia profile from the conversation) soon a solid update..lexia is a total blast! Konopsky said on Twitter on Thursday. He added a screen for another alleged internet conversation between Lex and a teenage girl.

Apologize to Lexiu. “I feel ashamed and ashamed”

On Friday evening, Leksiu presented his version of the issue in a recording on Instagram. He stated that it was a girl who later informed Konopskyy on December 15 last year. I sent him a picture of her and offered him an appointment. He did not give an unequivocal answer.

Lexiu confirmed that the girl in the photos appeared to be of legal age. – I would never have thought that he might be under 18, and I would never in my life have a conversation in this way with a person whom I know to be a minor – he asserted.

I am very ashamed of the level of some of the conversations I had with women, of some of the texts that came up. I apologize to everyone affected by this situation. compressed.

He called on others not to relate to this issue Timo X. – I am also afraid that because of this action, I will lose your trust and sympathy, which is what really matters to me. But the situation is really difficult and I rely on at least a little bit of understanding – Leksiu admitted.

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He noted that “there is already a lot of it” (it is not known what he meant exactly, because the recording stopped for a moment). “The lawyers who work with me really take care of everything,” said one Team X member.

The other members of Team X were retracting their judgments

Other members of Team X commented ambiguously about the matter on their Instagram profiles, indicating that they did not know of such correspondence with teenage girls and did not approve of his behavior.

– I do not support having conversations in this way, especially with people under the age of 15. “It is currently being clarified, however, so I don’t want to make judgments, that’s not what I support,” wrote Julia Shugag.

– It was difficult for me to look at what was posted on the Internet, because I know what kind of medicine it is, he is a really good person who made stupid mistakes, whose consequences he now bears – said Monica Kochojic. “I do not support this behavior, which is clear, but what happened happened,” she added.

– I do not support the use of such language and do not support the situation that occurred – Maciej Egesmont (also known as Sheo) confirmed. – Lexiu is my colleague – I did not expect such a turn of events and will wait with the assessment until the whole thing is clarified – he confirmed.

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