October 18, 2021

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"Let's vaccinate the whole world."  World Health Summit

“Let’s vaccinate the whole world.” World Health Summit

The G20 Global Health Summit was called in Rome to “vaccinate the whole world”. The President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, presented the following conclusions: “Not for the sake of nationalism” in the field of health, and not for the ban on the export of “vaccines”.

In the press conference that followed the end of the steady and remote deliberations, the European Commission president emphasized that the supply chains for vaccines against Covid-19 must be open. And she announced that in June the European Union would submit a proposal for patenting a vaccine to the World Health Organization.

Von der Leyen described the Rome Declaration adopted at the end of the session as a “historic” commitment. He stressed the need to speed up work to end the epidemic.

The text lists the tasks of the current time to combat the epidemic, as well as the tasks for the future. It is necessary, as has been emphasized, to work in the spirit of pluralism, solidarity, equality and good governance.

The declaration stressed that “ returning public health measures together to strong, sustainable and inclusive growth is a priority, ” which lacks binding solutions to the vaccine patent issue against Covid-19 currently being discussed and proposals to cancel it.

However, it is considered a compromise judgment on the voluntary principle, as well as in the field of intellectual property, technology and knowledge transfer.

The text also mentions the signatories’ commitment to facilitate data exchange, capacity development and licensing agreements.

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It has been proposed that immunization against Covid-19 be considered a “global public good” by expanding the Covax Program, an initiative to provide vaccines to the poorest and neediest countries.

During the summit, pharmaceutical companies Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson promised to allocate 3.5 billion doses of the vaccine to poor countries by the end of 2022, of which 1.3 billion were this year.

– The epidemic made it clear that we must cross the border if we are to meet the challenges of our time – said the meeting’s host, Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi.

At the last conference, he believed that the European Union was “doing better” than other parts of the world with regard to vaccination.

According to the head of the Italian government, the WHO should become “more effective”.

“As we have seen during this crisis, strong international leadership is essential to ensuring an effective advance warning system and so that governments can quickly share their best practices for preventing, limiting and managing the pandemic,” said Draghi.

He pointed out that vaccines are now available all over the world.

The Italian prime minister has also spoken in favor of removing unjustified trade barriers.

He believed that the commitments made at the summit were “very strong and sincere.”