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Lewandowski showed a great class. The Czechs rejoiced. ‘Amazing reaction’ football

Lewandowski showed a great class.  The Czechs rejoiced.  'Amazing reaction' football

Robert Lewandowski found himself excellently in La Liga, scoring 5 goals for Barcelona in four rounds. Now he has another important test ahead. The Pole will play in the new colors in the Champions League for the first time.

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He hits. Lewandowski danced with Boateng’s father. “He will not leave the disco”

The Czech coach was named the best player in Barcelona. It’s not Lewandowski

And it will host the Spanish runner-up, Victoria Bellezno, at the Camp Nou on Wednesday at 21.00 (Details transition We wrote about this meeting – >>> over here). It is also a big event for the Czech club who will face an exceptional club and one of the best strikers in the world. The media across our southern border write extensively on the subject.

The Spaniards are melting because of what Lewandowski did. “He did a miracle”

Czech “sport” brings you closer fans Football is the golden age of Barcelona and assures that most people can associate them with names like Messi, Iniesta, Xavi, Alves or Puyola. – They can win, and raise football to the rank of art. The current Barcelona is trying to imitate it. But whether he wants to or not, the previous players are missing out. Paganini was one, just like Mozart – he said in an interview with a journalist “sportsJosef Chaplar, former coach of Wisła Płock and Czech youth players.

– It’s no good from old Barcelona. This does not mean that it is weak. Its advantage is that it is very hungry. The players want to prove something, they want to win the Champions League. They want to achieve the uncommon perfection of their ancestors. Of course, I don’t know what it will be like now formation. However, I would say that it would be worse for Pilsen to play against the current Barcelona – said Chaplar.

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Szkoleniowiec also indicated who is currently the best player in the current Catalan side. He is, in his opinion, a French man DembeleBut Lewandowski is also an important figure. Csaplar drew attention to the electrode’s behavior after an action. Recently, Dembele managed to pass to Lewandowski in front of an empty goal. Take the ball and score. Lewandowski’s reaction was astonishing. He did not swear, did not throw his hands. The 59-year-old coach added that he told Dembele that the next time he passes he will score a goal, and that is better for Barcelona. Csaplar points out that Viktoria Pilzno’s opponents underestimate and may take advantage of him.

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